Ryan Burke

  • FaceKill [Root]




    Facebook application constantly draining your battery life? Facebook runs several services that stay running even when you have closed the app! FaceKill kills these services and saves your battery life. Just tap the icon after you have closed Facebook and FaceKill does the rest, you won't...

  • KindleMover




    KindleMover imports your downloaded mobi files into the Amazon Kindle application so you don't have to do it manually. Stops the "Cannot open this file type" message when trying to open mobi files with the Kindle app. Just navigate to your desired mobi file and tap to import into...

  • Dotz




    Finally the addictive paper game comes to your smartphone! Dots and Boxes is the timeless classic loved by millions around the world and now available to play in your pocket. The game is simple for those who don't know it, two players take it in turns to draw lines between points on the...

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