• Shiva Ashtothram

    Shiva Ashtothram


    Shiva Ashtothara Shatanamavali contains the 108 Names of LordShiva in telugu and english.

  • Varalakshmi Vratam

    Varalakshmi Vratam




    Varalakshmi Vratam is hindu festival performed by married woman in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka for the well being of family members especially husband.It is believed that worshipping goddess VaraLakshmi is equivalent to worshipping AshtaLakshmi. This app provides the pooja process and story in...

  • HanumanChalisa



    The Hanuman Chalisa is a Hindu devotional hymn (stotra) addressed to Hanuman. It is believed to have been authored by Tulsidas in the Awadhi language. The word "Chalisa" is derived from "chālīs", which means the number forty in Hindi, as the Hanuman Chalisa has 40 verses....

  • Vishnu SahasraNamam

    Vishnu SahasraNamam




    Vishnu Sahasra Namam is a list of 1,000 names of Lord Vishnu. These were said to Yudhisthira by the famous warrior Bhishma who was on his death bed of arrows in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. These Sanskrit Slokas are presented in English and Telugu in this app.

  • Atlataddi



    Atla Taddi is the festival which falls after Dasara every year. It is one of the most celebrated regional festivals of Andhra Pradesh. This festival is a Telugu equivalent of Karva Chauth, a prominent festival of North India. This application explains the puja procedure in english and telugu.






    Budugu is a fictional character created by Mullapudi Venkata Ramana of Andhra Pradesh in India.He is funny child with a childish Telugu. Most of the kids in Andhra must have read it in their childhood as a telugu lesson. This app presents the story in telugu for the users to read and rewind their...

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