Download S2 Calendar Widget S2 Calendar Widget icon

S2 Calendar Widget

This app is to display the calendar on your home screen. 2x1,2x2,3x3...

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Download S2 Resistor Color Code S2 Resistor Color Code icon

S2 Resistor Color Code

This is an application that checks the value of resistor for use in el...

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Download S2 Day Counter Widget S2 Day Counter Widget icon

S2 Day Counter Widget

This application calculates the number of days since your input date....

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Download S2 iRemo for SHARP S2 iRemo for SHARP icon

S2 iRemo for SHARP

iRemo is multi remote controller application for SHARP's Android d...

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Download S2 Permission Checker S2 Permission Checker icon

S2 Permission Checker

This app can confirm the permission that the application package has a...

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