• 2000 German Flashcards & Quiz




    Learn and quiz yourself on 2000 common German words. * Choose from German/English multiple choice questions * Track your top score * Review with flash cards and dicitionary & glossary * Text message a question to a friend * Record correct and incorrect answers by email * Prepare for exams,...

  • College Sports Mascot Quiz




    Do you think you know college sports and trivia? You may not know it as well as you think. Take the college football/basketball/baseball mascot quiz and test your knowledge. Keep score and send a quiz question to a friend. Includes dictionary and quiz game. Play as a group or play alone. This...

  • Girls Softball Pitch Counter




    Use Softball Pitch Count to track the total number of pitches, strikes, and balls. Record and update coaches on pitch count by text message and email. keywords: women's softball, girls softball, girls sports, slow pitch softball, fast pitch softball, high school softball

  • French Insult Quiz/Dictionary




    The French language has a rich vocabulary of humorous insults making it one of the most verbally expressive languages. * Learn French and be entertained with a multiple choice quiz of vulgar insults * Text message an insult to a friend * Track scores and record your answers by email * Select...

  • MCAT Biology Flashcards & Quiz




    Review 800 biology concepts for the MCAT exam. Covers cell s, genetics, physiology an more. Includes multiple-choice quiz, flashcards, and dictionary. Send report of correct/incorrect answers to email. Text message quiz questions with one touch to friends. Post score for global ranking. Get...

  • 1000 Spanish Word Quiz & Dict




    Spanish/English multiple choice quiz and flashcards. Learn anywhere. Good for TOEFL, school, travel, & Spanish AP exams Over 1000 question multiple choice quiz, flashcards and glossary of terms in nine (9) learning modules: 1000 Spanish Adjectives Body Parts Dates Family Flirts Numbers...

  • 2000 French Flaschcards & Quiz




    French/English multiple choice quiz and flashcards. Learn anywhere. Good for TOEFL, school, travel, & French AP exams Over 2000 question multiple-choice quiz, flashcards and glossary of terms in four (4) learning modules: 2000 French Dates Family Numbers Plus: - French or English modes -...

  • Youth Lacrosse Track 12 Stats




    For parents and fans who need to track a player's or team's lacrosse game day statistics. Track up to 12 stats such as goals, shots, saves, clears, turnovers. . . Especially good for parents who want to track youth game day stats. Option for automatically emailing & text messaging...

  • Top 1000 Czech Word Quiz




    Learn 1000 common Czech/English translations. * Includes multiple choice quiz, flashcards, & dictionary * Track your score & post global ranking * Review your knowledge or prepare for business & travel * Send a quiz by text message to a friend * Save a report card to email...

  • I Love 80's Music & Movie Quiz




    Bring back the memories of the 80's. Test your knowledge with this music and movie quiz. Given a song or movie title, you name the artist. Text Message an 80's memory to an old friend. Includes hundreds of flashcards, and listings for movies & songs. Compete for top score with...

  • Adobe Photoshop Guide & Quiz




    Learn 100 of the most common Adobe Photoshop Tools by quiz. For beginners who get overwhelmed by the amount of options of Adobe Photoshop. * Multiple choice quiz, flashcards, & dictionary * Send quiz report card to email * Text message quiz questions * Post score for global ranking

  • Certified Emergency Nurse




    Prepare for the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) Test by multiple choice quiz, flashcards, & dictionary. Includes more than 1400 multiple choice quiz questions and 1400 flashcards. Includes glossary with common terms and definitions in thirteen (13) learning modules: Certified ER Nurse...

  • Fireman Pocket Guide & Quiz




    Learn or review more than 1100 fire and fire fighting terms and concepts, acronyms & abbreviations, National Fire & Protection Association (NFPA) numbers and codes, rescue and safety skills. Prepare for you firefighters certificate from a fire academy or technical school, or professional...

  • 1000 Polish Word Quiz




    Learn 1000 commonly used Polish to English translations * Choose from Polish or English multiple choice questions * Includes flashcards and dictionary * Track scores and post your global ranking * Record correct and incorrect answers by email * Text message a quiz * Prepare for school, travel,...

  • Stocks Bonds Options Study Aid




    Learn hundreds of stocks, bonds, & options concepts and facts. Study for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Series 4, & Series 7 exams. Or, just test your knowledge. Includes multiple choice quiz, flashcards, glossary, & dictionary search. Email a quiz report card. SMS a quiz...

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