• Falling Mosaic - Watch Face




    Falling Mosaic is an animated mosaic art watchface. Unleash the artist in you and design your own mosaic pieces that will form your digital watch face. Digits are formed from falling mozaic tiles with smooth animations. It is highly customizable, you can customize the look, size, style, mozaic...

  • Ball O'Clock - Wear Watch Face




    Ball O'Clock is the rolling ball watch face for android wear (smartwatches only). It's the first animated watchface that's fun to watch. It will keep you staring at your watch waiting for the balls to roll. How it works: Time is indicated by the balls locations, be it seconds,...

  • Beirut Electricity Cut Off




    Beirut Electricity Cut Off is a tool that shows daily electricity cut off times in Lebanon (areas outside Beirut are now supported also!). Electricity in Lebanon is cut following some predefined patterns depending on locations. For example in Beirut, it is cut off for 3 hours everyday regularly...

  • Charbaka - شربكة




    ***** شربكة هي اللعبة العربية الوحيدة التي تم اختيارها للمشاركة في مؤتمر Casual Connect للألعاب في امستردام ***** شربكة هي لعبة كلمات عربية جماعية تنافسية. الهدف هو العثور على أكبر عدد من الكلمات في الشبكة قبل نفاذ الوقت. اللعبة مؤلفة من ثلاث جولات مدة الواحدة منها دقيقتان. في كل جولة يلعب كل...

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