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Monba (Monster Battle)

So wizards cast your spells & knights raise your shields. Join the league of Monba and guide your team through endless battles. Monba is a turn-based RPG arena game where you buy and sell creatures to fight other creatures for money and glory. You can boost your heroes with enchanted weapons and seek heroes with special abilities. Now you can…

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Gyro Browser

Play Flash remakes of retro games like Pacman, Space Invaders, Galagon and Frogger with gyro controls or with virtual keys. Newer classics include Boxhead, Stag Knight and many others. !!! Note: these games require Adobe Flash support on the device. Check your Flash installation here:…

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SecCam is a security / lifelogging / time-lapse photography application for shooting pictures on regular interval. Running SecCam is an intensive task for a phone as phone processor will be running at all times and phone is fully awake when taking a picture. You'll note this as shorter battery life when SecCam is running. How to generate time…

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Group Messaging

There are various cases where you need to send a text message to a group of people - invitations, appointment cancellations, marketing, seasonal greetings to name a few. Many times the solution is needed only a few times and with a short notice. Here is how you e.g. inform your customers that appointments for tomorrow are cancelled: 1. Install t…

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The Wizard of Oz Collection

The story by L. Frank Baum chronicles the adventures of a young girl named Dorothy Gale in the Land of Oz, after being swept away from her Kansas farm home in a cyclone. The novel is one of the best-known stories in American popular culture and has been widely translated. The Complete Collection contains: - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - The Marve…

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Gyro Maze

Motion steer the ball to collect all gems in the maze. Simple minigame implemented with Unity.

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Download SmsNote SmsNote icon

Writing short notes to yourself using SMSes? With SmsNote you can do this without the actual SMS transmission & cost. Credits: Gabriel - Concept ideation Sami - Implementation

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The Art of War

The most famous and influential of China's Military Classics written by Sun Tzu around the end of the sixth century BC. Our Active Book reader is on Minimum Viable Product level - your suggestions & comments on both functionality & content would be welcomed! Please enjoy the test content: full text of The Art of War.

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Download OnTribe OnTribe icon

Share your location with your closest friends in real-time. OnTribe locates your phone every 15 minutes and shares the information with the friends you have selected. Latest locations of your friends are shown on OnTribe map. With OnTribe you can: - stay in touch with your friends - let mom know where you are - manage a fleet Received an invi…

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RssToaster is a simple RSS reader that sends a toast message for each new entry. It's developed with small wearable devices in mind: breaking news as pop-up messages. Features: - List view for browsing all entries - Set-up for RSS feed etc. - Toast messages

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