Sami Heikkinen

Download Monba (Monster Battle) Monba (Monster Battle) icon

Monba (Monster Battle)

So wizards cast your spells & knights raise your shields. Join the...

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Download Gyro Browser Gyro Browser icon

Gyro Browser

Play Flash remakes of retro games like Pacman, Space Invaders, Galagon...

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Download SecCam SecCam icon


SecCam is a security / lifelogging / time-lapse photography applicatio...

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Download Group Messaging Group Messaging icon

Group Messaging

There are various cases where you need to send a text message to a gro...

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Download Sword & Anvil Sword & Anvil icon

Sword & Anvil

Anvils fall from sky! Wild magic has broken out a war between swords a...

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Download The Wizard of Oz Collection The Wizard of Oz Collection icon

The Wizard of Oz Collection

The story by L. Frank Baum chronicles the adventures of a young girl n...

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Download Game of Trick Game of Trick icon

Game of Trick

The player in lead (or starting player) is allowed to play an arbitrar...

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Download Gyro Maze Gyro Maze icon

Gyro Maze

Motion steer the ball to collect all gems in the maze. Simple minigame...

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Download War among Empires War among Empires icon

War among Empires

The Classic Empire was a start of the strategy game genre. It was both...

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Download SmsNote SmsNote icon


Writing short notes to yourself using SMSes? With SmsNote you can do...

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