Samsung Malaysia

  • Samsung e-Warranty

    Samsung e-Warranty




    For use by Malaysia Samsung Retailers ONLY

  • ITIS Traffic Watch

    ITIS Traffic Watch




    ITIS Traffic provides easy and updated access to traffic cameras all around Klang Valley. View Traffic images directly from your Smart TV, get updated traffic announcement. Copyright © Integrated Transport Information System (ITIS)

  • Samsung GALAXY Series

    Samsung GALAXY Series




    A Life companion story about Adam and Sue. Wind Chimes in a Bakery is Samsung’s innovative approach to bring to life a powerful love story inspired by the GALAXY S4. Choose your favorite images, soundtrack and watch videos about this popular web series. Directed by award winning Korean Director...

  • Samsung Galaxy 3D

    Samsung Galaxy 3D




    Samsung Galaxy 3D is a mobile app useful for those who wants to see a 3D rendering of a mobile phone. This app use Augmented Reality (AR) technology and is available for the full range of Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones. Download and print the AR Marker here!...

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