Samsung Malaysia

  • Samsung e-Warranty




    For use by Malaysia Samsung Retailers ONLY

  • ITIS Traffic Watch




    ITIS Traffic provides easy and updated access to traffic cameras all around Klang Valley. View Traffic images directly from your Smart TV, get updated traffic announcement. Copyright © Integrated Transport Information System (ITIS)

  • Samsung GALAXY Series




    A Life companion story about Adam and Sue. Wind Chimes in a Bakery is Samsung’s innovative approach to bring to life a powerful love story inspired by the GALAXY S4. Choose your favorite images, soundtrack and watch videos about this popular web series. Directed by award winning Korean Director...

  • Samsung Galaxy 3D




    Samsung Galaxy 3D is a mobile app useful for those who wants to see a 3D rendering of a mobile phone. This app use Augmented Reality (AR) technology and is available for the full range of Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones. Download and print the AR Marker here!...

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