• 8.4

    AirDroid: File & Notifications




    Access your mobile device wirelessly from your browser

  • File Manager




    File Manager is a full featured file manager designed by SandStudio to help you easily browse and manage your files on your Android device. Features: 1. Browse files on SD card (support hidden files display). 2. Cut, copy, paste or create new folders to organize your files. 3. Sort files by...

  • Task Manager




    Task Manager is a handy task manager designed by SandStudio to help you monitor and kill running tasks on your Android. Speed up and save your battery now. Features: 1. CPU usage and free memory monitor. 2. Kill all tasks with one tap. 3. Uninstall running app. 4. Check app details. 5. Cool apps...

  • Device Info




    Device Info is designed by SandStudio to help you track the status of your Android device and easily kill running processes to free memory. Features: 1. Check basic status of device: available RAM/ROM, free SD card space, Battery & CPU status. 2. Kill processes to free memory 3. Cool apps...

  • App Manager




    App Manager is designed by SandStudio to help you better monitor and manage your apps on Android devices. Features: 1. Installed apps list. 2. Sort apps by name, date and size. 3. Fast app uninstall 4. Run, install, share or check details of apps 5. Cool apps recommendation to help you meet with...

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