• iPhone VD Theme

    iPhone VD Theme




    This application Android phone icon / background / sound can be set in the style of the iPhone features. This theme ADW Launcher 1.3.0 + / Launcher Pro 0.8.6 / Go Launcher 2.35 + are supported. For further information, please check the information contained in applications....

  • iCalendar





    This is simple IPhone style calendar widget. Provides three kinds of skin and the size can be adjusted to the location. When you click, the default calendar is running. When Double-clicking, settings screen is running. # Widgets to generate The Home screen, press and hold> Widgets>...

  • iFolder





    This app is create a folder on the iPhone-style widgets. Provides multiple skin. You can also set the position of the widget. For more information about how to use iFolder usage that is generated after you install your app is running. #####KEYWORDS###### ADW.Launcher,ADW theme,iOS,iPhone,iPhone...

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