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  • You Are Indian If




    Update 2013-10-19: New version with completely different look From the developers of highly successful Indian National Anthem app on Google Market, here comes another Indian App packed with hilarious one liners about being Indian. Some are serious too !! This app is a must to laugh around with...

  • Nepali National Anthem




    This is an absolutely free Nepali android app that can play National Anthem Of Nepal. This is for new Nepali National Anthem ("Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka Haami"). The application has ability to play, pause and stop the anthem as well as has the anthem lyrics (both in roman english as well...

  • Nepali Ukhan Tukka




    Nepali Ukhan Tukkas are sort of Nepali one liners full of wisdom, truth and sometimes satires. People use these ukhan tukkas in spoken Nepali language as well as in written literature. The original authors of these sayings are normally debated or unknown, but they have existed in our Nepali...

  • Indonesian Raya - Anthem




    About App "Indonesian National Anthem" or "Indonesian Raya" android app lets you play the patriotic national anthem "Indonesia Tanah Airku" of Indonesia (capital Jakarta) in your android based cell phones and tablets. This app contains the lyrics, musical notes,...

  • Pakistani National Anthem




    Our Support Website: "Pakistani National Anthem" android app lets you play the patriotic national anthem "Pak Shar Zameen Shadbad" of islamic country Pakistan in your android based...

  • Indian National Anthem




    "Indian National Anthem" app - downloaded over 50,000 times, lets you play the patriotic national anthem "Jana Gana Mana" of India in your android based cell phones. This app has a very cool user interface, and is a must for every indian loving their country. The voice quality...

  • Brazilian National Anthem




    Support URL: Type: Free/Ad Supported Description: "Brazilian National Anthem" is an android application written for android based smartphones and tablets. This mobile application lets you play the...

  • Best Quotes By Buddha




    The 'Best Buddha Quotes' app brings into the android market the hand picked best and greatest quotes by Buddha. There are more than 120 quotes in the database and we have made the navigation extremely user friendly. Whether you want to use the left and right arrow, or just want to swipe...

  • Bangladeshi National Anthem




    This app plays the national anthem of Bangladesh 'Amar Shonar Bangla' (full version high quality mp3). You can pause, play or stop the music at any time. We also have provided the full text lyrics and the musical note. To the enthusiasts who wish to learn about the history, we have...

  • Kimigayo Wa - Japanese Anthem




    This japanese app by Sanjaal Corps lets you play the beautiful Japanese National Anthem "Kamigayo Wa" on your phone. The voice is crystal clear with a high quality mp3 and the app looks great. We have provided the lyrics in variety of forms - Japanese, Romanized English and Translated...

  • Nepali Currency Exchange Rates




    Update 2013/12/25 - Usage video added to Google Market listing Nepali Currency Exchange Rates (Formerly called Nepali Forex Free) brings into the android devices a feature packed carefully designed application that helps you get the Foreign Exchange Rates of Nepal on daily basis. This app...

  • Nepali Lyrics Pro




    Hundreds of Nepali Lyrics (400+) by over one hundred Nepali Singers now available on your android phones. These lyrics are categorically presented on a carefully designed user interface cool enough for all Nepali Song lovers. This app has been downloaded by over 40,000 people and if you...

  • You Are Nepali If




    09/14/2013 - We have released a NEW version which looks completely different and AWESOME. Give it a try. App Detail and Support Website: This is a fun app. We have written 146 different way you can be Nepali. No pun...

  • Sri Lankan National Anthem




    This app lets you play the patriotic national anthem of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka Matha) on your android phone. Included sound quality is awesome. We have also provided lyrics in both Roman English form as well as translated English language. You can play/pause or stop the Anthem. The sound keeps...

  • Nepal Zonal Maps




    Zoomable Maps of various districts of Nepal categorized by Zones. Nepali zones are Mechi,Koshi, Sagarmatha, Janakpur, Bagmati, Narayani, Gandaki, Dhawalagri, Lumbini, Rapti, Veri, Karnali, Seti, Mahakali. This app is just meant to be a reference to know what districts are located in what zone of...

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