• Free E Books




    This app lets you download search for, see a detailed overview and then download free E-Books based on the latest technologies. It's not an exhaustive source , but most of the books on most of the relevant technologies can be found. To download a book, just click on the detailed book...

  • PythonJS




    Practise your Python skills wherever, whenever you want to. Key Features: 1. Scripting mode where one can write small Python snippets,click run and observe the output. 2. Interactive mode similar to the IDLE for Python. 3. A small bunch of examples that can be used as a reference. This...

  • Crypto Playground




    Have a basic cryptographic/encoding tool available to you all the time. Some of the key features include, 1. Neat, presentable UI. 2. Simple and easy to use. 3. Access to 11 popular cryptographic algorithms that are in use today including MD5, SHA-1,SHA-2, AES and DES. 4. A short description...

  • Pocket Reference for Redis




    Have a reference for all the basic commands for the NOSQL DB Redis handy. Key Features. 1. All the commands are organized under categories. For eg: Keys, Strings, Hashes etc. 2. All the commands in each category begin with the name of the command, its example usage followed by a short...

  • World Flags Trivia


    Ever wondered how many countries there are in the world and what their flags look like. This app helps you hone that knowledge with a sleek and beautifully designed interface. Key Features: - Neat, presentable UI - Two modes : One for learning and one for playing. - Three levels of difficulty...

  • Rent a Bike


    Quickly find a public bicycle transit bike location thats nearest to you, where you can pick up or drop a bike. The public bicycle transit system is known by different names in different cities. For example, in Montreal its called Bixi. This app determines the city thats closest or which city...

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