Santoso Wijaya

  • Torch





    A simple torch application. Free, with no ads. This app controls your device's camera LED to make it act as a torch (flashlight). That's it. Tested on: * LG Nexus 5 (with Kit Kat 4.4) * LG Nexus 4 (with Jelly Bean 4.2.1) * Samsung Galaxy Nexus (with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.2) * HTC EVO...

  • (Auto) Rotate Control Widget

    (Auto) Rotate Control Widget




    Borne out of nights of craned neck, I wrote this simple app to have a widget that can toggle your device's auto-rotate setting (instead of having to drill down to the appropriate setting each time). There is no main activity (and therefore no entry in the launcher), just a widget. It is...

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