Saramma Jose

  • Cricket Quiz Game




    Play Cricket Quiz is an awesome game to test your knowledge in cricket. There are more than 500 multiple choice questions on Test, ODI, IPL, and T20 cricket, players, scores, records etc. Play this simple quiz game and improve your knowledge in this game. In this Game player can access 15...

  • Music Quiz




    Download the music quiz covering the following categories: This has more than 1000 questions covering USA,UK and worldwide music in an exciting format. There are 4 options and the questions are taken from the following category: Country Music Pop Music Rock Music Hip Hop Music R&B Music...

  • Hollywood Quiz




    Hollywood Quiz is a full of enjoyment guessing game created from the clips of films. You can guess the title of a movie by simply looking at a snapshot.This game can test your knowledge in Hollywood movies. We use good quality movie images and provide you hints that will help you to guess the...

  • 5th Grader Quiz




    5th Grader Quiz contains total of 5000 + questions database from syllabus of 1st grade to 5th grade. It covers many topics like maths, gk, science etc. The game is to test yourself if you are smarter than a 5th grader student. The game has 11 multiple choice questions to answer and it gives you 2...

  • Berlin Metro Map




    Berlin metro map is an offline map of the subway system in Berlin.This is very detailed and takes into account the S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines. Feature of this map: Free to use without internet Detailed map of S-Bahn and U-Bahn Can be zoomed easily Very small in size

  • JEE Exam Preparation App




    Are you preparing for JEE(Joint Entrance Examination) the all India common entrance examination which is conducted for admission in various engineering courses like B.Tech, B.E, B.Arch and B.Planning. We have a good collection of questions in physics,chemistry and maths focussing for students to...

  • Biology Quiz




    This has a database of questions related to Humans,Plants,environment and animals which can be used for practicing different exams like NEET,nursing entrance,medical entrance etc. The various topics included are Structural Organization in Animals & Plants,Cell Structure and Function,Plant...

  • Jeeto Jackpot GK Quiz




    Jeeto Jackpot GK Quiz is a fun game to improve your knowledge and gain money by entering different contests. It has all the questions related to current affairs,Science,technology,movies,sports, This applications has around 5000 questions that we have collected in internet for you to enjoy and...

  • Drinks Recipes




    Drinks Recipe is the best guide for making unique drinks such as cocktails,mocktails,milkshakes,smoothies & amazing summer coolers. There are more than 500 drinks from across the world. You can browse and search for recipes inside the Cocktails option by name, category or ingredients. Some...

  • Singapore MRT Map




    Singapore MRT and LRT map shows all the operational lines and the stations of the Singapore MRT network system. It is the latest and updated map including the newly added Downtown Line which is operational now. The map is very simple and clear. Zoom in and zoom out facility is available for...

  • Mumbai Local train map




    Mumbai Local train map for people travelling in suburban rail. We are not related to the m-indicator app. Features of the map Latest stations of western,central and harbour line Ability to zoom Clear mention of stations

  • Catholic Prayers (Free)




    Catholic prayers is an app with a collection of the most common & basic catholic prayers used in daily christian person's life. Following are some of the prayers which are there in this app: The Lord's Prayer (Our Father) The Hail Mary Glory Be The Apostles' Creed Hail Holy...

  • Beijing Metro Map - Offline




    Beijing Subway map includes all the lines in operation. The map is high quality and non interacive. This app contains just a map with current metro lines. This will help travellers in metro train to find the stops. The Beijing subway is the oldest metro system in mainland China. It has 17 lines,...

  • Divine Mercy Prayers




    The Divine Mercy is a free android app to spread throughout the world - The Lord's message of Divine Mercy. The message of Divine Mercy is that God loves all of us, no matter how great our sins. He wants us to recognize that His mercy is greater than our sins, so that we will call upon Him...

  • PMP exam game simulator




    This is a PMP exam simulator with more than 100 questions aimed for students/professionals appearing for the PMP exam. This is an awesome practice tool for the aspirant to play on their android phones and get used to the real exam. This application is developed with the intention to help the...

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