Saramma Jose

  • GK Quiz Game




    This is a general knowledge based quiz game for improving your knowledge. This game will help you in preparing for TV shows and help you in coming closer to becoming a millionaire:-). This game has a huge database of 2000 questions and would help you in your career and life. Download the version...

  • Bible Quiz Game




    Bible quiz game is a tool for everyone, young and old. This Bible quiz game will allow you to learn the Bible in an entertaining quiz game format. This has more than 500 questions from the old testament and new testment. This is a free app for download across the globe. We also a have a...

  • Computer Quiz Game




    Try this computer quiz game for free ! This is a amazing quiz game to test your knowledge on computers and IT . This is a multiple choice format with 4 options .It has questions on basic hardware,software and IT landscape. Typical topics covered include Hardware and software of the system. It...

  • Mexico Metro Map




    Mexico Metro Subway map grants you fast access with just one click to the latest updated metro subway map. The good thing is that this Offline map need no network connection. Any new traveller in mexico can use this in the mexico subway systen and wont get lost. Soon with more details like: *...

  • India Auto-Taxi-Train Fares




    A one stop solution to make using Indian autos and taxis easier. India Fare Meter is the best app for all people using taxi or auto or trains in the following taxi. It also has the database for private cabs. Cities Support • Delhi • Bangaluru • Mumbai • Kolkata • Pune and many more Following...

  • Alphabet and Numbers Kids game




    This is a wonderful game for young kids who want to learn basic alphabets,numbers,useful words and write letters along with numbers using touchscreen android devices. You can install this and teach your children to write alphabets and numbers on you touchscreen. This will improve the intelligence...

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