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SarDROID Engineers

  • Process Engineering Tools LITE

    Process Engineering Tools LITE




    Lite version of "Process Engineering Tools" contains the following calculators : 1) Air cooler (NOW FOR FREE!); 2) Control valve (liquids) (AVAILABLE ONLY IN FULL VERSION); 3) Flow through orifice (AVAILABLE ONLY IN FULL VERSION); 4) Flash steam (AVAILABLE ONLY IN FULL VERSION); 5) Gas...

  • Process Engineering Tools

    Process Engineering Tools




    *********** SOON MORE FREE UPDATES *********** The app contains the following calculators: 1) Air cooler; 2) Control valve (liquids) 3) Flash steam; 4) Flow through orifice 5) Gas compressor; 6) Gas Properties; 7) Gas turbine; 8) Heat exchanger simulator 9) Packed tower; 10) Pressure drop; 11)...

  • Gas Turbine Performance

    Gas Turbine Performance




    GAS TURBINE Performance allows you to calculate the perfomance of a gas turbine (simple cycle). > CHECK MODE - from existing data, the app calculates: compressor and turbine power; compressor and turbine efficiencies; net power to generator; cycle efficiency; combustion temperature. >...

  • Hydrocarbons properties

    Hydrocarbons properties




    This app allows you to calculate the following properties for a refining product: 1. API gravity 2. K Watson Factor 3. Molecular weight for light products 4. Molecular weight for heavyproducts 5. Density at condition 6. Viscosity at 100°F and 210 °F 7. Viscosity at condition 8. Flash point 9....

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