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  • Process Engineering Tools LITE

    Process Engineering Tools LITE




    Lite version of "Process Engineering Tools" contains the following calculators : 1) Air cooler (NOW FOR FREE!); 2) Control valve (liquids) (AVAILABLE ONLY IN FULL VERSION); 3) Flow through orifice (AVAILABLE ONLY IN FULL VERSION); 4) Flash steam (AVAILABLE ONLY IN FULL VERSION); 5) Gas...

  • Process Engineering Tools

    Process Engineering Tools




    *********** SOON MORE FREE UPDATES *********** The app contains the following calculators: 1) Air cooler; 2) Control valve (liquids) 3) Flash steam; 4) Flow through orifice 5) Gas compressor; 6) Gas Properties; 7) Gas turbine; 8) Heat exchanger simulator 9) Packed tower; 10) Pressure drop; 11)...

  • Shell&Tube exchanger simulator

    Shell&Tube exchanger simulator




    This app allows you to determinate the heat transfer rate and the outlet temperatures of the hot and cold fluids for prescribed fluid mass flow rates and inlet temperatures when the type and size of the exchanger are specified. The heat transfer surface area A of the heat exchanger in this case...

  • Steam Turbine Power

    Steam Turbine Power




    "Steam Turbine Power" allows you to calculate: a)Produced power, b)Specific steam consumption, c)Outlet temperature d)Outlet vapor fraction e)Cooling water flowrate (if a condenser is present), f)Condenser duty, (if a condenser is present). Necessary input data are: a)Steam flowrate ,...

  • Gas Turbine Performance

    Gas Turbine Performance




    GAS TURBINE Performance allows you to calculate the perfomance of a gas turbine (simple cycle). > CHECK MODE - from existing data, the app calculates: compressor and turbine power; compressor and turbine efficiencies; net power to generator; cycle efficiency; combustion temperature. >...

  • Hydrocarbons properties

    Hydrocarbons properties




    This app allows you to calculate the following properties for a refining product: 1. API gravity 2. K Watson Factor 3. Molecular weight for light products 4. Molecular weight for heavyproducts 5. Density at condition 6. Viscosity at 100°F and 210 °F 7. Viscosity at condition 8. Flash point 9....

  • VALVE ProV

    VALVE ProV




    VALVE liteV allows you to calculate globe valve's opening for liquid, gas, superheated/saturated steam flow. This app can help you to verify the pressure drop of a globe valve for certain flow condition or to calculate unknown mass flow knowing valve's opening. LIQUID FLOW INPUT DATA:...

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