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    Drop Eraser

    ◇◆◇ On the coattails of all of you 3000,000 downloading, thank you! ◇◆◇ I have a great reaction led by a school and the workplace! In addition, I raise the ideas of the challenge mode at any time! I want to adopt the interesting idea positively! Flick! Hit! Push! Good old DropEraser comes up by application! Flick the eraser of the enemy to the out…

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    Download World Spin World Spin icon
    World Spin

    Press the switch to clear! An action-puzzle game that anyone can enjoy!! Easy controls! Touch the sides of the screen to turn the world, roll the ball onto the switch! How to Play Touch the left side of the screen to turn left. Touch the right side of the screen to turn right. Roll the ball onto the red switch to clear the level. Stages Over…

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    Download Strike Gate Strike Gate icon
    Strike Gate

    --- NEWLY UPDATED!! --- 11 NEW PUCKS, each with unique traits!
 The new pucks have enhanced speed, power and can even grant extra lives! Use these special abilities to your advantage and clear new stages in style! Get SP by playing Endless mode or Mission mode to buy the new pucks! ----------------------------------- Strike Gate is an exhila…

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    Download ChalkDashDX ChalkDashDX icon

    An application "chalk dash" of popularity became DX and came home! Many stages and a lot of new friends appear! Let's explore the described world with chalk! You draw a line, and you will help a stick human being running a blackboard with chalk! Stick human beings are different in ability each. Try to employ various characters! Furt…

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    Download Monsters Coin Monsters Coin icon
    Monsters Coin

    【New feeling !Drop coinRPG】 The strongest Tima is aimed at and it is to the trip of an adventure. A friend gets at last those monsters that were only as an enemy! A ban is removed also on the attribute attack of a jackpot at last! It is pleasure redoubling by new skill and event dungeon addition to a new monster! The new system which carri…

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    Download Balloon Hit Balloon Hit icon
    Balloon Hit

    Go on a balloon-bursting frenzy! Pop as many balloons as you can within the time limit and aim for the top of the rankings. However, if you pop one of the bubbles it's game over!

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    Download Sound Touch Sound Touch icon
    Sound Touch

    A sound sounds when I push the button. I am famous as having a party at just the right time, and let's heap up it. We will update the game constantly.

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    Download Space Soldier Space Soldier icon
    Space Soldier

    Use the barrier fairly well to reflect enemies' bullets and destroy them. The more enemies you destroy, the more scores you'll get! ― rule ― ・When you move rightward or get items that will be in the ways, basic scores will be added, and when you destroy enemies, you can get bourns scores. ・You can use barrier to reflect enemies bullets.…

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    Download GalaxyLaser GalaxyLaser icon

    Touching and slinding your finger to control your machine, and try to destroy enemies that will come to you constantly and get a high score. Let me end this epic space war in your hands! If you get a high score, you can register your score to the ranking to be the best in the world. [how to control] - slide your finger ・・・ move and fire.(It is…

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