• StrikeGate




    The puck which included special ability debuts!? Separately from the blue normal puck which there was so far I add five pucks different in the performance! With speed and power and what The number of life rises! The performance of a new puck is not only it! Unlike a normal puck in each puck It...

  • 【Flick! Hit! Push!】DropEraser




    Flick! Hit! Push! Good old DropEraser comes up by application! Flick the eraser of the enemy to the outside of the desk! The usable eraser more than ten kinds! I defeat an enemy, and let's leave all erasers open! A play is possible to up to four people with the Multi-play mode! It is...

  • Monsters Coin




    【New feeling !Drop coinRPG】 The strongest Tima is aimed at and it is to the trip of an adventure. A friend gets at last those monsters that were only as an enemy! A ban is removed also on the attribute attack of a jackpot at last! It is pleasure redoubling by new skill and event dungeon...

  • EveryDayOmikuji




    I pull a sacred lot in [EveryDayOmikuji] and will watch today's fortune! I can pull a sacred lot with "today's sacred lot" once a day! Because a result does not change until a date changes, today's sacred lot throbs when it goes down! Because a different fortune appears...

  • BasePinBall




    New sense! ! Exhilarating sports games! Baseball board and pin ball coalescence of nostalgia! Hit! Play! Throw! Trying to win! ! ■ Simple operation! [Attack] Let bath the bat Tap! After that was jumped to play the ball with the flipper! [Defense] Let's throw a ball in touch & drag! Is...

  • Fantasy of The Magic




    [always to the end , please check the description ] ※ This application is not supported in languages other than Japanese. It might be difficult to be played in foreign countries. Thank you for your understanding. ※ If you have any omissions or opinions about application , please contact us to...

  • OshogatsuApp




    Family members and friends can enjoy this app in the New Year. "Fukuwarai", "Otosidama", "Omikuji" contains three types of such games. "Fukuwarai" is a game to complete a combination of face parts. With reference to samples, please recreate the exact...

  • Lightning Heroes




    Hero of justice shatter the ambition of evil! Exhilarating jump action "Lightning Heroes" appeared! ! The firing laser swipe operation! Let's go up through on the building by pulling the line with laser Hero five selectable! Aim over further with your favorite hero Let charge...

  • AppleTower




    A simple stacking games "Apple Tower" appearance! The operation is simple ! Drop the apples and stack them up! An evaluation of the score changes by a position to acquire ! There is "Good" "Great" "Excellent", and, in "Great," 1.2 times,...

  • MonsterDash




    Zombie likes to eat souls, and he feels hungry... But a ghost thief has stole all the Zombie's souls! Help Zombie chase the thief through the streets and collect as many of the dropped souls as possible!! With intuitive controls, draw a road to guide your monster! While dodging traps...

  • Jewel Escargot




    Exhilarating chain puzzle "Jewel Escargot" appeared! I will to align the same color are allowed to muzzles finger rotating a jewel! Move a finger jewel disposed on the screen Get the point and turn off by connecting three or more of the same color Jewel! You can turn it off by moving...

  • Hamster Crane




    3D puzzle game of unprecedented new sense comes up! ! Make a way by operating the crane to provide a cheese hamsters Derive cheese! Tilt Carrying Grasp! ? The Kaero sequence (or square plate, such as a triangle) objects by operating the crane in the controller! Hamster's game over not...

  • Angel Rabbit




    The angel rabbit bounding hopping I'll lead well by using the stick. Aim the sky by creating a scaffold of candy stick! I can make a foothold in the stick of candy in the air by touching and sliding the screen. The Beware because it becomes game over or fall off the screen, once hitting...





    With the freedom to use any technique you are the ace striker, super keeper!! Use your arsenal of skill shots to decide the shootout! Reflex penalty kick battle "WORLD SOCCER PK" Drive ball, right swerve shot, left swerve shot, knuckleball, rinsing shot, all the skills you need to...

  • Pesoguin Dash




    An easy action game for everybody to play.  Pesoguin will run. Show him which way to go. Pesoguin is an imaginary animal similar to an emperor penguin's baby, which is very cute and lives on the Internet, PCs, and mobile phones. He will relax your mind.

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