Download Russian UAZ route Russian UAZ route icon
    Russian UAZ route

    Russian legendary all-road U.A.Z. "route" from Moscow to St.Petersburg. Road in Russia with clay and big holes ! Be careful. Legendary russian song-"Roads", but it sing famous Germany antifasit singer-G.Bush (no president of USA).

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    Download Science dictionary 1961 USSR Science dictionary 1961 USSR icon
    Science dictionary 1961 USSR

    English translation of the scientific literature into Russian (language). 1961. Moscow. Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union. Year of the flight of the first cosmonavt juri Gagarin into space. History of glory and proud. 5 version.

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    Download Strange maze Strange maze icon
    Strange maze

    Maze.3 levels. Every 10 days (if there are interests to app-change mazes). On sd-card.

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    Download Beards ! Beards ! icon
    Beards !

    Beta version. Sorry for bugs. Make the beards to you frends and youself !

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    Download Submarine K-17 Submarine K-17 icon
    Submarine K-17

    You have five submarines. At sea, a lot of mines ! You have to hold the submarine mines in the shelter. Be careful ! If the flashing red circle can submarine put to the shelter, if a black exclamation mark is not present ! Sorry, if you put the submarine back and where the exclamation mark-to-exclusion program closes. I work to solve this problem.…

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    Download mushrooms and busket mushrooms and busket icon
    mushrooms and busket

    Catch the mushrooms in the basket! The first version. There are drawbacks (.

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