• Save A Life (SAL)




    Save A Life helps you to discover blood required and donate blood where ever you are and when ever you can. When a user posts a blood request a push notification is sent to all users within 10 kilometres of required location who have same blood group as required. Even if the user is not posting...

  • Floating Pic




    Ever wondered to have picture of your loved ones with text on your phone, then this is the one for you. Floating Pic App allows you to have a text and/or image you wanted on your phone irrespective of what application you are using. Instructions for using: 1. Enter the text you want to...

  • Indian Newspapers




    Indian News Android Application allows you to browse top English, Hindi,Tamil and Gujarat news papers of India. Article links can be shared with anyone via email where in the link is provided for sharing along with title of the article. News Papers which are included in this application The...

  • Pawan Kalyan-badge




    Pawan Kalyan image stays on the screen of all apps in your phone until removed by simple click in notification.Image can be moved to any position on screen while using any other applications.

  • Jargon Buster




    Jargon Buster android application allows you to know the meaning of computer based jargons. It allows you to view jargons alphabetically by selecting the alphabet in drop down or you can search for specified for specific term by clicking on search menu option which can be accessed by clicking...

  • Pawan Kalyan




    Pawan Kalyan(also known as Power Star Pawan Kalyan ,Kalyan ) is an Indian Film Actor, Choreographer, Screen Writer and Director in Telugu cinema. This application is small tribute to all his fans which includes personal information, filmography , images, videos, social networking sites, latest...

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