• Noutkar




    Noutkar nouvelle version. Changement de système pour les cars jaunes, mise à jour de Noukar. Noutkar a pour objectif, de faciliter l\'accès, pour les usagers, aux horaires des différents réseaux de transport en commun de la Réunion. Nouvelle interface, récupération des horaires à distance....

  • ECG Live Wallpaper




    Have a live wallpaper fun and useful! An electrocardiogram of your battery will animate your wallpaper. If your battery going down, the ECG too. Display the battery temperature to have a quick look. Customize the ECG, choose the color of your choice, and the speed.

  • Mu Torere




    Play Mu Torere! Bored by Morpion / TicTacToe, 4-in-a-row or Battleship. Tried a game from New Zealand, dated earlier the colonial era, Mu Torere. The objective is simple, prevent the opponent from moving. Easy rules, making the game accessible to everyone : - Each player take turns - The...

  • My Counters




    Need to count anything? Cars in the street, the number of chips in a package, create a counter for what you want, and count. Need to continue later? Your counters are saved and are available in an instant. If like me, you watch some TV show or anime, read manga irregularly, and most of the time...

  • The Game of Life




    **************** * NOT FOR TEOS * **************** *Tested on Desire, Desire HD, Galaxy s, Galaxy Tab, Xperia X10, X8, Arc. For Teos, you need root for live wallpaper. If it doesn't work please send an e-mail and be explicit for the issue you have.* The Game of Life, also known simply as...

  • Proverb la Renyon




    LA RENYON LÉ LA! Le créole réunionnais, langue riche en proverbe, tous réunis en une seule application, appuyer sur les paille-en-queue pour naviguer. Des proverbes manquants? Proposez les sur .

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