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TaxMode: income tax calculator

This professional grade US tax calculator is designed to satisfy the advanced tax computation needs of a financial planner and yet it is simple enough to be used for a quick tax calculation by a casual user. KEY ACTIVE FEATURES ● US income tax computations for tax years 2017, 2016 & 2015. ● Key items include- - Regular income tax - Self-emp…

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PlanMode Financial Planning

PlanMode is a comprehensive financial planning app. Its powerful design provides you with an easy and flexible means of preparing and analyzing financial scenarios. Its usage is limitless; you could use it to analyze almost any financial situation which impacts just in the current year or many years to come. You can use it for a quick analysis of…

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GameBet – Send Football Bets

GameBet can be used for- • Opening betting invitation from a GamePool host • Preparing your bets for a football game • Submitting your bets to the GamePool host It provides a convenient way to compose and submit your bets for a football game pool to a host who is using the GamePool app to host the pool. GameBet provides you the ability to perform…

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