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The Useless App

This is the most useless app of the market ... (does not contain any...

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Fart Machine

The ultimate Fart sound generator, classic, tiny, heavy or ultra … enj...

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Burp Machine

The ultimate Burp sound generator, from classic, tiny or beer burp to...

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The Mysterious App

What's behind the Mysterious App ? (this application does not con...

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App World Record

The aim of this app is simply to be the most downloaded app in the mar...

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Baby Machine

The ultimate baby sound generator, hear a baby crying, laughing, sneez...

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Orgy Machine

The ultimate Fart and Burp (Belch) sound generator, classic, tiny, hea...

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Rock Paper Scissors

A simple and nice Rock-Paper-Scissor game. Simply touch the screen to...

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