• Bible Sticker Games


    Finish each exciting picture with stickers! Put into place each sticker of a missing animal, person, or object. Can you find where each one goes? FEATURES: • Child-friendly navigation and engaging content from the Old and New Testament • Beautiful HD pictures of hand-painted illustrations in...

  • Bible Puzzle Games


    The puzzle game of Bible-size fun! Create an exciting scene from the Bible! How quickly can you finish the puzzle? Watch out — the fun details in the pictures will try and distract you! FEATURES: • Beautiful, hand-painted illustrations in full color • Child-friendly navigation and engaging...

  • Seek and Find Bible Game


    Seek & Find with fun Bible stories! Explore the exciting places and events of the Bible along with Mini Mike. See if you can find Mini Mike and his friends in each detailed scene. FEATURES: • Elaborate scenes bursting with fun details • Child-friendly navigation with optional sound and...

  • Bible Matching Game


    A matching game full of hilarious fun! The Bible comes alive at your fingertips in this game of memory-matching fun. How quickly can you put the pairs together? FEATURES: • Exciting, hand-painted illustrations in full color • Child-friendly navigation and engaging content from the Old and...

  • The 30 volume Adventure Story




    This Bible is full of adventures of kings and heroes, of escapes and battles, of journeys, new places and people and of amazing happenings in our world. Above all, it is the adventure of people living with God of failing and starting again. This series covers the whole Bible in 30 action-packed...

  • The Handy Bible




    The First Handy Bible – Animated Stories App This Handy Bible app series is your child’s first introduction to the Bible stories. The Handy Bible series is a toddler’s Bible library and is now available in an exciting audio-video format. The Handy Bible app contains four books which approach the...

  • The Children's Bible Book




    The Children’s Bible, sold in over 6 million copies in 92 languages, will give your child the best possible introduction to the world of the Bible. Beautiful illustrated and rewritten for ages 3+. The nearly 300 action-packed stories make all your favorite Bible characters spring to life....

  • The Comic Book Bible




    Easy to read, The Comic Book Bible is an excellent book to expose the Bible to teenagers. Text and action pictures are faithful to the Bible and will invite young and old alike into a colorful and exciting experience of the Word of God.It is illustrated by José Pérez Montero. You can read this...

  • Famous People of the Bible




    Through captivating simple words and colorful illustrations, let your children, aged 2-5, experience what made the most well-known people from the bible that famous. Read a story and watch a video for free. See for yourself why this is a favourite series for children worldwide. FEATURES...

  • The Children's Bible's




    Try one FREE book in 6 unique children's bible series. See for yourself how your child will treasure the bible through these beautifully illustrated stories. Enjoy easy to understand retold stories and beautifully illustrated Bible texts. Your child will be drawn into the stories through...

  • The Little Children's Bible




    Follow the little narrative animal, and watch Noah building the ark or Jesus healing sick people! Children will have fun listening to the stories and waving, winking, hopping, roaring, or doing many of the other things the stories suggests. This Bible is forty pages of learning fun with...

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