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    BattMonX is a battery monitoring utility that can indicate the current state of your phone's battery via a status bar icon (all phones) and/or the LED indicator (many phones). You can select/assign a different color to the status bar icon and/or LED indicator (if enabled and supported) for each of BattMonX's two main monitoring modes: -…

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    RAM Truth

    RAM Truth - A simple app for displaying the following breakdown of your device's RAM (random access memory) layout: RAM Size (on the title bar) -- Reserved: A reserved/hidden area that includes the below-kernel fixed allocations like DMA buffers, RAM for the baseband radios, CPU(s), GPU, etc. Due to the diverse nature of small-RAM devices, we…

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    Download AFV File Verifier for Android™ AFV File Verifier for Android™ icon
    AFV File Verifier for Android™

    The AFV File Verifier for Android™ application is a tool for helping to verify & validate that files transferred to your Android™ device are whole and uncorrupted. Functions include: * MD5 / SHA1 checksum calculation (also: SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 algorithms) * Validation of signed jar-type files (.jar, .apk, .zip); you can use th…

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    Download Storage Truth Storage Truth icon
    Storage Truth

    Storage Truth A simple app for displaying the amount of internal storage available for apps you add or update. Developed by AndroidForums.com's EarlyMon and scary alien. Thanks to www.fontsquirrel.com for the Droid Sans Mono font used in this app. Permissions used/needed by app: none ;) :).

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    Download AF Rescue 2 AF Rescue 2 icon
    AF Rescue 2

    This app attempts to launch the MyPhoneExplorer Client app for those whose touch screens no longer function and wish to retrieve files and information from their devices. Note: this app (and the companion AF Rescue app) do not work on all devices or versions of Android; it seems that newer versions of Android will not autostart apps that listen fo…

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