Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB

  • SBB Mobile Business




    SBB Mobile Business simplifies your business trip management: this booking tool for all your company's employees gives you a transparent overview of costs. SBB Mobile Business is perfectly tailored to business travellers' needs: You can call up public transport timetables in real time....

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    SBB Mobile




    Buy tickets, check the schedule, stay on track!

  • SBB P+Rail




    Mit der SBB P+Rail-App finden Sie ganz einfach die nächstgelegene P+Rail-Anlagen und bezahlen den Parktarif bequem über das Smartphone - gleich vor Ort nach dem Parkieren oder bis zu 7 Tage im Voraus. Alle mobil buchbaren P+Rail-Anlagen können Sie sich nach Belieben auf dem angezeigten...

  • My station




    Use “My station” to find your way around Zürich HB quickly and reliably and benefit from special offers. You will always have a map of the station to hand, without having to look for an information stand. Display your current location. Use our search tool to find all the stops, shops and station...

  • gleis7




    ENTERTRAINMENT – DIE GLEIS7-APP: Nie mehr gelangweilt unterwegs. Solltest Du bei der Verwendung unserer App Probleme feststellen, bitten wir Dich, das Feedbackformular auf zu nutzen oder eine E-Mail an die Adresse zu senden. Leider haben wir keine Möglichkeit...

  • 2onTheMove




    Join Celeste and Roby on their voyage of discovery. The two pals Celeste and Roby take the train for their grand trip to explore Switzerland. Every time they break their journey there are plenty of new things to discover. They are absolutely loving the trip, of course, but because they're so...

  • Leisure time




    Offers for • Individual passengers • Group trips • Schools Specials • From the 1st of every month you will find the latest SBB RailAway leisure time offers • A different key topic every month • Leisure time offers are available with discounts of up to 50% (top offer) or up to30% Search for...

  • Jumpidoo




    Plunge into the fifteen levels of the adventurous jungle world with SBB Jumpidoo. Discover exotic primeval forests, mysterious water worlds and bubbling lava caves. Demonstrate your skill by swinging from liana to liana as fast as you can, while at the same time negotiating a number of different...

  • SBB Duolino




    SBB Duolino – die Ticki Park-App für Smartphones und Tablets Ticki Park-App – Spielspass für unterwegs. Mit der Ticki Park-App «SBB Duolino» spielen unsere kleinen Gäste unterwegs begeistert Memory. Mit den beliebten Motiven aus der ganzen Ticki Park-Welt. Keine Langeweile, sondern viel Spass...

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