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  • Auqaat-us-Salaat & Qibla Dir.




    Auqaat-Us-Salaat is an application for Prayer timings, Qibla direction and Islamic Hijri date. It helps you in knowing the exact Prayer (Salaat) timings around the Globe along with Sun set and rise timings. Other than GPS and Wifi, it has its own location information of more than 10,500 cities...

  • Sketches Lite




    Sketches Lite is FREE application which transform your photos into artistic styles and sketches and let you share them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and Other social networks. With Sketches Lite, you can easily convert your favorite photos and images into cool sketches. FULL VERSION: (With All features)...

  • Sketches Pro




    Sketches Pro is an upgraded version of Sketches Lite. Sketches Pro comes with added dimensions in photo editing and enhancements. Sketches Pro lets you extract amazing sketches out of your photos and images that you can share with your family and friends on Facebook and your other favorite...

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