• 7.8

    Word Academy




    A well designed game with unique gameplay for the genre

  • 7.9





    A cool trivia game that'll keep you guessing.

  • Kiwi Clapas




    Four awesome kiwis flew on a plane* from New-Zealand to visit Paris but instead landed in the south of France, more accurately in a place named Clapas, because of a really tiny little crash without consequences. The town of Clapas owes its name to the rocks surrounding this hostile part of the...

  • 8.2

    94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz




    General knowledge trivia based on the temperature game

  • 7.0

    94 Seconds: category word game




    Write as many words as possible, following the letter and the category

  • Koalyptus : enigmas & riddles




    Discover Koalyptus on your android phone or tablet – the story of the little Koala and his old friend, the Eucalyptus tree. Help the tree who lost its memory along with its leaves, to solve riddles and trivia enigmas to regain its memory. Each quiz won will earn you a certain number of leaves....

  • 5.0

    Akinator .




    Think of a character and Akinator will guess it!

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