Scionis Medical Information Systems

  • Espresso Ophthalmology




    Scionis Medical created this app for Ophthalmologists to record and organize their patients’ clinical information. With this set of Ophthalmology charts, you can easily keep track of what happened during a visit, the observations you made, your findings, treatments, plans, ... To stick with our...

  • Espresso MD EHR




    Your Practice, everywhere! Espresso MD is a different, better, EHR. Built for speed and simplicity, tempered by unmatched flexibility, and protected by powerful safety mechanisms. *** FREE Speech Recognition Available - Dictate your charts! *** We believe you are your own Medical Practice....

  • Espresso MD Lite




    Medical Charts on the Go and in a Flash! *** Speech Recognition Now Available for Charts! *** Espresso Medical Charts allows Medical Doctors to chart, assess and score the health status of their patients in a fast and pragmatic way. You know best! As a Doctor, you know which tools best suit...

  • Espresso Massage Therapy




    Finally there’s an app for Massage Therapists! Because Documentation is important for your practice, Scionis Medical developed the right tool for massage therapy professionals to efficiently keep track of their patients visits: the Espresso Massage Therapy app. Espresso Massage Therapy is...

  • Medical Coding Reference




    Medical Coding References, the new app from Espresso MD that will smooth your coding process. ONE APP, 7 CLASSIFICATIONS The Medical Coding Reference allows you to choose the classification that suits you best, without the need to download other apps: from here you can access all the medical...

  • Espresso Family Practice




    Espresso Family Practice allows Medical Doctors to evaluate, assess and score the health status of your patients in a fast and pragmatic way. It contains the most relevant charts and scores generally needed by Family Practice Physicians and General Practitioners (UK/Europe). If you need more...

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