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  • Bacon & Eggs

    Bacon & Eggs




    The Piggy stole the bird's eggs and needs to crack them open by placing 3 or more same colored eggs next to each other. Empty the nest of eggs as quickly as you can. ★★★★★ "... I just could not stop playing it" ★★★★★ Place 3 or more same colored eggs near each other make them...

  • Best Tip Calculator

    Best Tip Calculator




    Easily calculate how much tip to leave. Supports multiple people splitting the tip, easy percent selection, and tip tax calculation. Fast, Looks great, Easy to use yet powerful. Main features: ● Per-country recommended tips for restaurants, taxi and hotel luggage. ● Split bill (and tips)...

  • Best Magnifying Glass

    Best Magnifying Glass




    Magnifies the image you are looking at. The small print can now become large. Use your phone as a digital magnifying glass. * 5 levels of instant magnification. Better than a real magnifying glass. * Automatic focus on macro items. * Hyper zoom freezes the image and lets you pinch to zoom in...

  • Houdini's last magic trick

    Houdini's last magic trick




    A magic trick you can perform with your phone. The magician shows photos of Houdini, and asks the spectator to look into Houdini's eyes and think of a card. When the spectator says what his card is, the magician shows that Houdini's brother is holding this exact card in his hand in a...

  • Pick a number magic

    Pick a number magic




    An easy to do magic trick you can perform with your device. A spectator chooses a number between 1-60. A set of numbers is shown on the device, and the spectators says if her number is visible or not. This is repeated a few more times. When you wave your hand, the device suddenly shows the...

  • Ice Water Fishing

    Ice Water Fishing




    Ice Water Fishing is the cutest little water game with a nice retro vibe. Collect as many fish possible before time runs out in each level. Collect fish and pearls, avoid jelly fish, dynamite and sharks. Prior to each level you can get free power-ups that help you in the next round.

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