• tuneQ




    The tuneQ app has been designed to work with numerous Scosche earbuds and earphones. tuneQ is a graphic equalizer app that allows users to adjust the low, mid and high frequencies of songs in a stunning visual display. This graphic equalizer app gives serious listeners the chance to hear their...

  • Scosche cellCONTROL




    **This app works in conjunction with the Scosche Cellcontrol Trigger. Do not attempt to use the app on its own** Visit to purchase the Scosche Cellcontrol. Scosche cellCONTROL is a safe driving system that disables the use of unsafe cell phone applications while driving....

  • radTEST




    *Note: The radTEST App does not work as a standalone application and requires the use of the Scosche RDTX pro radiation detector. The radTEST App is a radiation detection application designed to work exclusively with the RDTX pro from Scosche. Along with the RDTX pro, radTEST empowers you to...

  • controlFREQ




    controlFREQ is a car stereo remote control app – designed to work exclusively with the Scosche Car Stereo Receiver (SCDBTA60). controlFREQ turns your smartphone into a wireless touchscreen remote control and display for your car stereo. Change between tracks, MP3s and easily switch between...

  • reVIVE




    Easily find out how much time you have left to watch, talk, listen and surf! Find out how much time it will take to recharge your battery based on the rate of charge. Key features • Audio Playback time • Video Playback time • Talk time 2G time • Talk time 3G time • Talk time 4G • Standby...

  • Scosche carKIT




    The Scosche carKIT App works exclusively with the Scosche talkBACK Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone. The Scosche carKIT App uses innovative text-to-speech technology to safely read aloud text messages, emails, phone calls and more so that you can concentrate on driving. Use voice commands to...

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