• Cognisant





    Very unique game that will challenge your brain! Use the "alphabet" computer to repair a satellite, get to your shuttle and return to Earth! Have fun!

  • Super Radar Detector

    Super Radar Detector




    Avoid speeding tickets! (well, maybe) with this wonderfully useful app that will (possibly) save you the hassle and expense of expensive traffic tickets. Good luck! (seriously)

  • The Barking Shark

    The Barking Shark




    The one and only, genuine and original, barking shark! KEYWORDS: SHARK JAWS OCEAN WATER SEA TEETH SHARP BARK DOG

  • SuperTrafficLightChanger





    Now avoid those long delays at intersections! By simply pressing on the desired light, you can change it from red to yellow to green! Not intended to be taken seriously.

  • Pigeon Pipes

    Pigeon Pipes




    Navigate your pigeon through the pipes by tapping on the screen to fly and earn as many stars as you can! Have Fun! Scotty

  • Slenderman Versus Bird

    Slenderman Versus Bird




    Can you out fly Slenderman? Tap on the screen to flap your wings and avoid Slenderman's wiggly long tentacles at all costs! If you can fly between them, you score a point! But watch out! As you fly between the tentacles, they will become solid as rock! So avoid them! Also beware!...

  • Angel War (FREE)

    Angel War (FREE)




    TOTALLY FREE - NO RESTRICTIONS Shoot the bad angels and escape from the underworld. But be careful, you only have so much ammunition.

  • Shark War (FREE)

    Shark War (FREE)




    You're just trying to relax on your first cruise and then BAM! ICEBURG! As the ship goes down you decide to grab a 45 automatic instead of the life preservers that everyone else is grabbing. Good thing too! As you sink to the bottom you notice that you are surrounded by hungry great white...

  • Raptor War (FREE)

    Raptor War (FREE)




    TOTALLY FREE - NO RESTRICTIONS They never said living in the jungle would be easy! Just when you were getting nice and cozy you find yourself surrounded by raptors! Time to clean up the neighborhood!

  • MechWar FREE

    MechWar FREE




    The year is 2015 and you are part of an elite military force that uses an advanced mechanized suit of armor to deter the enemies of your country from attacking. But this morning you have a different assignment. Overnight while you were sleeping, a rogue nation state sent in commandos and stole a...

  • Zombie War (FREE)

    Zombie War (FREE)




    TOTALLY FREE - NO RESTRICTIONS You my friend are in a forest, but not just any forest... This one is full of zombies! Shoot them! Shoot them all! This is a classic shoot'em up, take no prisoners zombie free for all. Great fun for everyone!

  • Ant War (FREE)

    Ant War (FREE)




    TOTALLY FREE - NO RESTRICTIONS You are about one inch tall and find yourself on an ordinary kitchen floor, how? Who knows! Deal with it! Unfortunately for you, there are also large number of ants in the same kitchen. Exterminator!!!! No need to worry, you're armed with your trusty ole Colt...

  • Alien Detector

    Alien Detector




    Are there aliens? Ever wanted to search the known universe for aliens? Now here's your chance! Use your mobile phone or tablet device to help science search for alien life! For entertainment only, not to be taken seriously.

  • Fairies of Destruction (FREE)

    Fairies of Destruction (FREE)




    TOTALLY FREE - NO RESTRICTIONS You work on computers but alas your workspace has been invaded by fairies! You've chased them outside with your weapon but they've gone on the offensive! Fight them off! Fairies!!!!!

  • Slenderman Maze

    Slenderman Maze




    You've found Slenderman's lair and it's an underground maze! Who knew? The thing is, he has lots of bad guy buddies down there with him, so you gotta clear out the bad guys and get as much treasure as possible without getting slendered! Fun for all ages.

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