• Radar Shield

    Radar Shield




    Don't like speeding tickets? THEN SLOW DOWN! Or use Radar Shield to defend against those pesky radar devices. Don't just detect radar traps, shield against them! With Radar Shield! NOT INTENDED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!

  • See Inside Your Device!

    See Inside Your Device!




    Whether it be a phone or a tablet? Now here's your chance! Great for tricking your friends! FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

  • FingerMaze





    This is the best and most simple puzzle game on the market, you will love it. Start at the green square and find your way to the red square. When you are finished, a new puzzle will automatically be generated. Puzzles are created randomly so you'll never get bored. Thanks for installing,...

  • Escape The Dungeon Master

    Escape The Dungeon Master




    FREE! Escape the Dungeon Master! If you like "Advanced Dungeons and Dragaons"(tm) or the "Zork"(tm) trilogy, then you'll love "Escape The Dungeon Master" specifically written to be played on the Android platform. A mixture of text and graphics engulfs the player...

  • Rudolph & Santa (FREE)

    Rudolph & Santa (FREE)




    Try this version first. Paid version allows you to advance to next levels of difficulty. Help Rudolph to learn Santa's route so he'll get to lead the sleigh on Christmas day! Fun for everyone of all ages! Simple yet fun! Very addicting!

  • Zak And Lucas (FREE)

    Zak And Lucas (FREE)




    You must help Zak and Lucas build a structure that will withstand the elements of the weather. Fun for everyone! More details at

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