• Gemini App Manager




    (Any problem, please contact, so that we can get enough info to solve it. Thanks!) This is a comprehensive and powerful tool to manage your varity apps, with a simple UI to organize most functions in a single page, user can solve most app problem easily without switching from...

  • Gemini Installer & Clear




    (Since Mmedia's crazy ads caused a lot of problems (And Mmedia company give no answer on why this happens but just said "problem resolved"), we decide to remove all ads, and reserve "Expert Mode" for donated user only from this version. Thanks for your understanding and...

  • Gemini Taskiller Widget




    (If you meet any problem or find any bug, please send mail to "". We do want to solve the issue, but in many cases, we can not fix issue with just simple comment in market. Thanks!) This is a widget used to optimize RAM of your Android device (nothing for else :-),...

  • Gemini Live Logcat




    Gemini Live Logcat, essential tool for Android development! If you know what is logcat, then we have common language! :P This app provide you a humane UI for logcat. Besides using add/edit/delete custom filter function, you can even add tag/pid filter by just tap log item. It can also exclude...

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