Seebook Technology, LLC

  • Patient Connect App




    Patient Connect App -> For hospital use only, please do not download unless you have been contacted about the app.

  • Rooftop


    Rooftop Bar

  • Betty Falls urCard




    Betty Falls business urCard

  • BikeLog




    BikeLog is the way to track your rides. Enter your ride information, such as distance, cadence, and notes. Save on the phone, and send the information to you and your friends when you want, and how you want. No need to log into a website, or use complicated software to just get your ride...

  • Temperature Converter




    Simple Temperature Converter, includes C, F, K, and Rankine.

  • iThought Journal




    iThought Journal is the only thought journal app available for smart phones or tablets. This app is intended for mental health professionals such as counselors, psychologist, and therapists. Additionally, students in these fields will find iThought Journal of great value. Clients of the mental...

  • Weather Calculator




    Simple app to calculate weather information: dew point and wind chill.

  • Permanent Magnet Calculator




    Calculate the field from a permanent magnet, along the center line. Enter the dimensions, and magnet properties, and hit calculate. The residual magnetism may be entered as a number, or from the lookup table.

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