• Communicator Lite




    Avoid language barriers over two cell phones by using a real-time speech-to-speech translator. Communicator Lite Android App is a speech translation app, which helps two people speaking different languages to communicate while speaking in their respective language. Features:

  • Writenote Lite




    WriteNoteLite is a powerful note-taking tool that supports handwriting. It offers a separate close-up view( lower view) for writing and one can concatenate this with existing notes just by double tapping on close-up view. It also allows using of different colors and stroke smoothing. you can...

  • Block Artis




    Block Artis is a logic game based on the "falling block" model of Tetris. The game starts with a grid filled with blocks. The player makes a move by removing adjacent blocks of the same colour in groups of more than one. When blocks are removed, higher blocks fall to fill their space,...

  • Word Rumble




    Word Rumble is an application developed in android to teach children english in a fun and engaging way The game starts with the mouse in the middle of the screen with the letters spread all around. The objective of the game is to collect all the letters in such a ssequence so as to make a word...

  • analytXLS




    AnalytXLS is a spreadsheet application focused on improving computation, organization and presentation of information with key focus on ease of use. It is a port of SocialCalc for the Android platform. Application is useful for both personal and professional work. Features - Tabulation: The...

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