SELA Group

  • Tasky 2015


    Tasky app with tasks.

  • Hello World


    Demo Android app.

  • Fitness Tracker


    This is a fitness tracker.

  • Todos




    Todo list manager with unique capabilities.

  • Notes




    DevWeek workshop notes application.

  • Online Weather


    This awesome application can display weather at multiple cities. It also displays a pretty progress dialog.

  • Multi City Weather




    This application will retrieve weather in multiple cities. It also uses ProgressDialog and AsyncTask.

  • Do Not Disturb




    Ever have an important meeting or class, but forget to silence your phone? Do Not Disturb can silence your phone based on device calendars or during your own specified times! This app also includes a widget to inform you if an event is coming up.

  • SELA Developer Practice




    Download this companion app if you're attending the SELA Developer Practice ( or are interested in the conference. The app features interactive content from all the tracks and sessions, detailed information on all speakers and talks, and lets you navigate...

  • Quick Quit




    Smokers need to be able to track their efforts in order to quit smoking successfully. This app motivates you to quit smoking by keeping track of your progress towards you specific goal(s). You can set three different kinds of goals to help you quit quickly, including - No smoking in several...

  • Sched-U




    Sched-U allows you to manage your terms, courses, assignments, and exams. It includes easy-to-use day and week views, reminders for classes and exams, and an in-class auto-silence feature.Download Sched-U today and start organizing your college courses on your phone.

  • Boil An Egg




    Did you ever try to boil an egg and found yourself with an over cooked egg or worst - under cooked egg? You probably need a Kitchen timer with the Boil an egg app there's no mistake, just choose your egg size and egg type, start the timer and you're good to go!

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