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Download Fun-Putt Mini Golf Fun-Putt Mini Golf icon
Fun-Putt Mini Golf

Mini Golf Game with OVER 100 HOLES! Easy to pick up and play but a challenge to master. This Version of Fun-Putt Mini Golf includes all of our courses. We do not charge separately for individual courses. Like this game? Check out our Seltice Game Bundle in the Android Market that includes 4 of our hit games, including Fun-Putt Mini Golf Full AND…

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Download Pool Solitaire Pool Solitaire icon
Pool Solitaire

Pool Solitaire is a single-player billiards pool game where you earn points by clearing the table, 8 ball last, with speed, skill and your ability to shoot combo shots. There is no frustrating computer pool opponent AI to worry about, it's all about your ability to make each shot, run the table, and beat the clock. How To Play: In this game y…

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Download Scorched Monster Scorched Monster icon
Scorched Monster

Platform game where you must quickly hunt down and scorch the monsters that randomly appear with your FLAME THROWER! But WATCH YOUR STEP because evil spikes come out of the ground to stop you! Scorched Monster is a fun new retro platform game with old school pixel art 80's style graphics for all to love! To achieve ultimate victory, rank…

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Download Snowboard Speed Slalom! Free Snowboard Speed Slalom! Free icon
Snowboard Speed Slalom! Free

Free snowboarding game where you cruise down a ski hill going through gates without crashing into trees! *** Please support the developer and buy the ad-free version in Google Play *** Tilt controls make this game extremely easy to pick up and play, but it takes practice to master your snowboard and downhill slalom skills. Your snowboarder will…

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Download 9 Iron Ninja Free 9 Iron Ninja Free icon
9 Iron Ninja Free

Golf game, 9 Iron Ninja, is a relaxing, zen-like, 2D golfing game with randomly generated fairways where your goal is to get a high score by completing each hole in the fewest shots possible. You can also earn Stars and Achievements. Stars can be used to get fun costumes and trophies for your Ninja. In this intriguing new ninja-infused 2D golf g…

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Download Fun-Putt Mini Golf Remix Lite Fun-Putt Mini Golf Remix Lite icon
Fun-Putt Mini Golf Remix Lite

Fun-Putt Mini Golf Remix Lite is a fun 2D mini putt mini golf game with 6, 9-hole, courses! That's 54 holes to master in this FREE Lite version. If you love this game and choose to buy the FULL version, it includes all 6 courses from the Lite version PLUS 12 more, 9-hole, courses! The FULL version includes 18, 9-hole, courses in all! Intuit…

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Download Shuffleboard 2D Lite Shuffleboard 2D Lite icon
Shuffleboard 2D Lite

Shuffleboard 2D is a shuffle board game for your phone. Also known as shovel board, indoor shuffleboard, bar or table shuffleboard. FULL VERSION ON SALE FOR $0.99 LITE version includes two practice modes. Includes practice mode VS the Computer! Challenge yourself for a best score. Only ~1MB and App to SD supported

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Download Dice Racers Dice Racers icon
Dice Racers

Do you like rolling the dice? How about Race Cars and fun retro graphics? Dice Racers is a VERY simple dice game that's great for dice lovers who need a fun little game to kill time. Try your luck by rolling the dice and see if you win the race against the computer. With Dice Racers, all you do is roll the dice 3 times, save your highest…

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Download Spin the Plates! Spin the Plates! icon
Spin the Plates!

In this fun, fast-paced game of plate spinning, you have to have speedy fingers and a quick eye to stop the plates from falling. See how many plates you can save before one comes crashing down! Spin the plates in 4 different game modes based on ability: - Easy to 100 - Progressive - Challenging - Super Hard In Easy to 100, the pace is reall…

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Download Sir Flips a Lot Sir Flips a Lot icon
Sir Flips a Lot

Flip your way to a high score in this great race against Mr. Orange, a silly monster who never loses. But you can still earn great medals, and get farther than any monster before you has ever gotten! How to Play: Touch to flip, land directly on your feet to speed up. Land on your head, you slow down. Land on tar, you slow down. Slow down too m…

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