Seltice Systems LLC

  • Sled Jock

    Sled Jock




    Sled Jock is a snow filled fast paced downhill ski-style sled riding game! Soar down the hill, avoiding trees, snowmen, other sledders, and ice patches. But don't miss the jumps that take you flying and you can open your parachute and sour down the hillside like the wind! Be careful, the...

  • Fun-Putt Mini Golf

    Fun-Putt Mini Golf




    Mini Golf Game with OVER 100 HOLES! Easy to pick up and play but a challenge to master. This Version of Fun-Putt Mini Golf includes all of our courses. We do not charge separately for individual courses. Like this game? Check out our Seltice Game Bundle in the Android Market that includes 4 of...

  • Wonder Play Learn

    Wonder Play Learn




    Kids game, Wonder Play Learn, has 3 games for kids rolled into 1 fun app! Best for ages 2 to 5. Kids games include, a find the hidden object game called Find the Baby Chicks in a fun and colorful room, a classic 6-card memory game / match game, and an entertaining color identification game to...

  • Touch Pool 2D Lite

    Touch Pool 2D Lite




    Touch Pool 2D Lite, the fun pool game with many ways to play! Play pool on your phone. The Lite version of this pool game includes achievements, a single player game mode, a challenge mode, a vs Computer mode and 2 Player (single phone) game to try it out. Play all these game modes as much as...

  • Driveway Basketball Game FREE

    Driveway Basketball Game FREE




    Basketball game for your phone. This simple, yet fun and addictive basketball game lets you play the following games: - HORSE vs Computer - PIG vs Computer - Around the World vs Computer - Hot Shot 3 - Hot Shot 5 - Blocker - 30 Second Challenge - 60 Second Challenge - AND Free Play Make as...

  • Shut the Dice Box Free

    Shut the Dice Box Free




    Shut the Dice Box is a very simple dice game for your phone that includes a variation of the classic game of Shut the Box Golf. In this game, you roll 2 die, and you close numbered spaces / boxes that add up to the numbers rolled until you have no moves left. It's a 3 round game and you...

  • Touch Pool 2D

    Touch Pool 2D




    Pool game with many fun ways to play! Play individual games like Make 8 and Make 15 or take on the computer at 8 Ball or 9 Ball. Or try a challenge mode like Run the Table or Marathon. This game is more than most pool games, it's loaded with fun, interesting ways to play to keep you...

  • Doodle Tiles

    Doodle Tiles




    IMPORTANT: Click the HINT button in the game and it will show you the 2 tiles that do NOT match up. Also, the top edge color MUST MATCH the bottom edge color, and the side edge colors MUST MATCH the other side edge colors. Puzzle game, Doodle Tiles, is a fun and addicting tile puzzle game for...

  • Driveway Basketball Game

    Driveway Basketball Game




    9 New Game Modes! PLUS, Play a friend PIG/Horse/Around the World (one phone). Great Basketball game for your phone! Driveway Basketball lets you play 9 of your favorite home basketball games including: * Pig * Horse * Around the World * 30 & 60sec Challenges * Hot Shot 3 & 5 * Blocker *...

  • Shuffleboard 2D

    Shuffleboard 2D




    Shuffleboard 2D is a shuffle board game for your phone. Also known as shovel board, indoor shuffleboard, bar or table shuffleboard. Play the computer in First to 11, First to 15 & First 21 game modes. Shuffleboard 2D keeps track of wins & losses. Bumpers & practice modes Only ~1MB...

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