• Phone Booster

    Phone Booster




    Your phone speed is low? Speed up your phone by using our Phone Booster - Speed Up FREE! You can optimize your phone just by one click. There is no such spectacular phone accelerator as it! What is more, it's fully free! Accelerator increases speed immediately. Notice that you don't have...

  • Internet Booster

    Internet Booster




    We are very proud we can show our new product - Internet Speed Up Booster! Do you think your internet speed isn’t good enough? Now we can make your network works faster than ever! All you have to do to improve your internet connection is to download our internet booster. It analyzes 3G and WiFi...

  • SD Speed Increase

    SD Speed Increase




    SD Card Booster is a new application that might increase speed of writing and reading data from SD Card. XDA Developer has invented a new way to boost files and directories loading from sd card by extending cache file. Too difficult? Our booster accelerates immediately and all you have to do is...

  • Beautiful Clock

    Beautiful Clock




    Beautiful Clock is a beautiful analog clock widget in several different themes to personalize. It's made to be modern and pretty Available themes: * Purple * Green * Purple-Green In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free apps in the future, we are integrating a search...

  • Intelligent Battery Saver

    Intelligent Battery Saver




    Sencio presents the new product - Intelligent Battery Saver! It's an application which offers effective battery saving completely for free. We have tested other battery savers and taken notice at features that are not available yet. Thanks to them our battery saver provides battery saving up...

  • Retro Style Analog Clock

    Retro Style Analog Clock




    Retro clock is a beautiful clock in retro style. This application is brought to you totally free with the help of search monetization. I have opted to use this to be able to keep creating more free apps for you. Please note that with this app you will receive a few search points on your device,...

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