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  • Pocket Innsbruck

    Pocket Innsbruck




    Pocket Innsbruck - Die Stadt in deiner Hosentasche - Wann kommt der nächste Bus? - Was könnten wir heut noch im Kino gehen? - Wo und wann gibt's heut Happy Hour? Hol dir Pocket Innsbruck auf dein Android Smartphone und du verpasst keinen Bus mehr! Abhängig von deinem Standort werden dir...

  • myServiceFellow





    myServicefellow is an app for mobile ethnographic research. It allows users to document and assess their experiences of a selected subject matter, such as a customer journey through a certain service. Users can define touchpoints, and evaluate and document them using text notes, photos, videos...

  • mobeedo





    the first real Mobile Web 2.0 information system. Provide your information or service on anybody's mobile exactly when it's needed, set personal or public location-based reminders, design and play situation-based games, and much more ...

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