• HiFi-WebRadio Live is Live


    •German HiFi Webradio •Made in Germany •Info text as the current scrolling text •Wake to favorite stations •Any number of alarms •Wake-snooze •Falling asleep to the favorite channel •Wake up with ringtone and vibration optional •If no power, then wake with ringtone •Stream audio to...

  • Audio Recorder HQ AAC Rec




    "HQ AAC Rec" Audio Recorder records voice notes, songs, music, lectures, talks, concerts directly into high-quality AAC files. Recording in high-fidelity 44 100 Hz audio sampling bit rate and 128000 audio encoding bit rate , it's much better than the default sound recorder...

  • Draw On Image




    Fingerpaint your Image – from Photo or File! Use Draw On Image! Write greetings or another info on your picture for your friends. Simple Graphic Design for Architects, Interior Architects, Landscape Architects, Industrial Designers, Craftsman, Engineers and everyone, the need paintings on an...

  • Watermark Copyright




    „Copyright protection: Protect and sign your picture. The App "Android WC" allows you to add text or image watermark to any picture. Make Copyright or add comments to any picture." Business Solution for Cloud Services: Copyright App – What you see is what you get. Gallery picture...

  • IP Cam Viewer Free




    Live pictures from all over the world. Refresh every second if possible. With 10 active IP Cams. The first address (URL) is editable - your private IP Cam! The app shows Lissajous curves for 30sec and then starts automatically. In the help you will find instructions on how to secure wireless...

  • IP Cam Viewer pro




    Live from all over the world. Viewer + webcam gallery! If possible, it is updated every second. image snapshots refreshed approximately every sec. Starts with 20 live webcams. You can unlimited IP Cams add, edit, delete. Save as snapshots or send via mail. View and edit refresh rate and flags....

  • IP Cam Viewer


    Live pictures from all over the world. Refresh every second if possible. With 10 active IP webcams. All addresses (URL) are editable - your private webcams! Security Advice: Protect your personal webcam with username and strong password and work with protected WiFi/WLAN. See more:...

  • bird jigsaw puzzle


    bird jigsaw puzzle (GERMAN GAME - Made in Germany) Jigsaw Pussle were invented around 1760 in London. The great German architect Karl Schinkel (1781-1841) loved puzzle games already. Up to the present day are popular puzzle. We have developed classic puzzle games, which adapt to the feeling of...

  • Bird Guide + Quiz Game PRO


    Bird Guide + Quiz Game PRO - Bird songs and bird encyclopedia - The unique bird encyclopedia App for Great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren .Quiz Game •Find the name of the correct image •Find the correct name for the image •Hear the voice...

  • Bird Guide + Quiz Game




    Do you know the bird's voice? Do you see the bird? Bird guide to the songbirds in your area! There are few people who know all the birds. Our great pictures and characteristic sound recordings help in recognizing the songbird. The cuckoo knows everyone - but how does he look? 38 different...

  • Wi-Fi File Transfer


    Protect your privacy! Privacy doesn't get for free. Business Tool for professional use! Drag and drop. App + Widget. Specified in RFC 959. For daily secure wireless data exchange in secure Wi-Fi. Security without having to use a USB connection. Remote (on the other device) in a secured Wi-Fi...

  • Noise makes us ill




    Noise makes people sick. Learn in a compact form in this app interesting things to noise problems. What is noise? Over millions of years mankind was surrounded only by natural sounds. Storms, lightning, falling rocks, natural eruptions were probably on the noise Scala the loudest. Waves, rustling...

  • Hörtest DE




    Prüfe Sie Ihr Gehör ohne Spuren im Netz zu hinterlassen, vollkommen privat und in aller Ruhe. Machen Sie Hörtests nach Hahlbrock (deutscher Mediziner auf dem Gebiet der Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde - Freiburger Sprachtest) und einen Hörtest Frequenzen 4-20kHz. Unsere professionelle Android App...

  • Hearing Test EN




    Check your hearing without leaving a trace on the net, totally private and in peace. Make Hearing Test EN is developed by Hahlbrock (German physician in the field of ear, nose and throat medicine - Freiburg speech test). And hearing frequencies 4–20kHz. These tests usually take less than twenty...

  • Memory Game Songbirds


    From 31 different Germany-based songbirds randomly a memory game is put together. (Memory Size 2x3, 2x4, 3x4, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6, 4x7, 5x6, 6x6 or 6x7) Always new enthusiasm with learning effect for big and small. Depending on your smartphone, tablet or Memory Size is 32 * 32, 48 * 48, 72 * 72, or...

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