Sensei Mods

  • Basic Android


    A unique collection of custom wallpapers crafted especially for your Android powered device. Several colors and designs to choose from. Customizing your Android device is fast and simple with our new wallpaper app.

  • Andy Walls


    Andy Walls brings you a great collection of custom wallpapers to personalize your Android powered device. Each wallpaper features "Andy" the Android mascot. Give your homescreen a clean, custom look. With the Andy Walls app, giving your device a custom look is fast and simple.

  • Blue Grunge


    Our new wallpaper app loaded with great looking grunge theme wallpapers, all in blue, with different designs & shades of blue. Customizing you Android powered device is fast & simple, just pick the wallpaper you want to use then click apply, that's it! Customize your device, give it...

  • Beautiful Droid


    A beautiful set of wallpapers adorned with the Android mascot, Andy. Andy is set as an imprint, rather than an image, which results in a beautiful, classy look for those who still want to show off their love for all things Android. Customizing your Android home screen is fast and easy with our...

  • Red Grunge


    Red Grunge is our new wallpaper app filled with red wallpapers, all with a grunge look. These wallpapers were crafted especially for Android powered devices, & our app makes customizing your home screen fast and easy. Simply choose a wallpaper & click apply, it's that easy. If you...

  • Classic Android


    A classic design never goes out of style, & with that thought in mind, we created the Classic Android Wallpaper App. Classic Droid brings you great, quality wallpapers which feature the classic Android logo. Images are exceptionally clear, & border on HD. Giving you Android device a new...

  • Vivid Tablet


    Vivid Tablet brings you our new wallpaper app, optimized for Android Tablets, and includes 25 vibrant, rich, colorful wallpapers that take customizing your Android powered tablet to the next level. Using our app to give your tablet a new look is very fast and easy. Simply choose the wallpaper you...

  • Blues - Standard Edition


    Like our great "The Blues" wallpaper app for the tablet, except this on contains wallpapers crafted especially for devices smaller than a tablet. Customize the look of your Android powered device the fast and easy way with our simple to use wallpaper gallery. It's filled with...

  • Pink -n- Black




    A beautiful, unique collection of Pink & Black wallpapers crafted especially for Android powered devices. Customize your home screen and give your device a stylish look that will make your phone or tablet stand out from the crowd. Customizing your homescreen is fast and easy with our new...

  • Camo Walls




    A great collection of Camouflage wallpapers in different colors and patterns. You will find a wallpaper to match almost any theme. Give your Android powered device a bold new look with our new wallpaper app. It's fast and easy.

  • Eye Candy - vol 1




    As a special Thank You to all of you who support my work & like what I do, it's my pleasure to offer you the 'Eye Candy' wallpaper app for free. Eye Candy is loaded with 25 custom wallpapers, crafted especially for your Android powered devices. This is the full version app, no...

  • Androidify Wallpapers




    Androidify your Android powered device with this unique collection of Android themed wallpapers. Give your device a clean, custom look the fast & easy way with our new wallpaper app. Simply choose a wallpaper and apply.

  • Rainbow Walls


    A very cute collection of rainbow themed wallpapers packaged inside our new wallpaper app to make customizing your Android powered device fast and simple.

  • ENVY


    Your home screen will be the envy of all your your friends when you personalize your Android powered device with the new Envy Wallpaper App. Choose one of the stunning 25 beautiful, green wallpapers and apply. Give your device a clean, custom look with the touch of a button.

  • Her Android Tablet


    A beautiful collection of wallpapers crafted especially for Android powered tablets with the lady Android user in mind. Change the look of your home screen & make your tablet beautiful with our new wallpaper app.

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