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  • DataPal



    DataPal Mobile Secure Browser is a proactive security solution that helps you to protect your personal information and browse the internet safely. It can be used whenever you go online with your mobile phone or tablet. You search and surf as normal but you're protected all the time because...

  • Sentry MS

    Sentry MS


    THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY FOR SENTRYBAY CUSTOMER'S SentryBay’s Mobile Security Suite protects you from being directed to fake phishing sites where your data can be stolen. It works whenever you are browsing the net using your default Android browser. If the user accidentally navigates to a...

  • Sentinel® mobilesafe

    Sentinel® mobilesafe




    Sentinel® mobilesafe is a proactive security solution that helps to protect your data and browse the internet safely. Once Sentinel® mobilesafe software is installed on your smartphone, it will also provide you with protection whilst browsing the internet against the phishing sites. If you try...

  • dublspk





    Dublspk is a cool new browser that beats the Bad Guys. It keeps your online identity safe by warning you when you enter a fake phishing site. From now on you can whizz around the internet at super-sonic speed without getting stuck in any of those pesky scam sites. Shop, bank, and check your...

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