Sequence 9 Designs, LLC

  • X-ray Scanner Prank




    This app is perfect for playing a prank on others making them think that you can really use your device as an X-ray scanner! Includes 9 prank scan modes including 6 normal and 3 funny modes. Important note: This application is for entertainment purposes only and is not real! It is a joke!

  • Escape Fate




    How long can you escape fate and avoid up to 10 enemies with less limitations than you? Weave your way in and out of incoming enemies set on seeing you fail! Can you survive wave after wave of incoming enemies of various size and speed? Features: - Extremely fast paced and challenging game...

  • Unlucky Lesters Break Out




    (Un)Lucky Lester makes his break in this exciting and fast-paced jumping arcade adventure! If you love endless flying/jumping games you will love helping Lester break out! Lester has been pretty unfortunate until now - he's seemingly found some type of magical super-jumping shoes! Do you...

  • Rainbow Unicorn Rainbow Land!




    Do you love infinite flying games? If so - you will love this game! Includes two features not seen in the original or any other game! See how far you can go in rainbow land by flying the Rainbow Unicorn through unique obstacles! What makes this game different? Every obstacle is a different size...

  • Record Scratch




    This app is an awesome way to make your friends laugh when something funny happens! Ever had a life changing interruption and needed a record scratch at that key moment? Look no further! With the Record Scratch App you can have a scratch ready right away on your phone! Features: - 3 different...

  • Get rid of Hiccups!




    Hiccups! teaches you a new method of getting rid of pesky Hiccups! Simply follow the steps while listening to the soothing music and your Hiccups will be gone! ... Really it works! Check out the reviews! Especially useful for those that have a hard time getting rid of Hiccups! Features: -...

  • Sex Appeal




    Note: This is not a real sex appeal meter and cannot give you any real sex appeal ratings or diagnose any medical condition. This app is for entertainment purposes only! Scan your friends and give them their very own Sex Appeal rating! This rating lets them know just how sexy they really are!...

  • Vampire Scanner




    Vampires are scary and you need to be equipped with the latest scanning technology to identify potential Vampires! (Maybe not the sparkly Vamps! … but be prepared for those too!) Afraid of the dark without your trusty flashlight? Scared to walk to grandma's house through the woods because of...

  • Zombie Scanner




    Are you ready for the potential Zombie Apocalypse? Be ready with this handy Zombie Scanner! Scan potential Zombie targets and determine the exact risk they pose to you right from your phone! Don't let a Zombie ruin your day! Be prepared to take them on! Important Note: This is NOT a real...

  • Best Flashlight Free




    Turn your device into an LED (Most phones/tablets), LCD, Strobe, Crazy, MORSE CODE (LED AND LCD), Taxi calling, Help Flashing Flashlight! Recently updated to add support for many reported devices! If the LED did not work for your device previously please try again! Note: If you LED modes do not...

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