• Calculator ++




    Calculator++ is an advanced, modern and easy to use scientific calculator. Calculator++ helps you to do basic and advanced calculations on your mobile device. Discuss Calculator++ on Facebook: http://facebook.com/calculatorpp IMPORTANT: 1. Always check angle units and numeral bases:...

  • Offline Swedish-English Dict




    Offline Swedish-English and English-Swedish dictionary. Features: ★ Rich word database ★ Search by words and inflections ★ Sleek user interface ★ App is optimized for tablets ★ It's free Based on Folkets Lexikon dictionary: http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/folkets/om.html

  • Say it right!




    "Say it right!" is not just a dictionary, it is a pronunciation guide with more than 2 million words online. Do you study a foreign language? Are you going on vacation soon? Do you want to know how to say "Bonjour" in French or "Aloha" in Hawaiian? "Say it...

  • Checkout (In-App Billing v.3)




    Checkout is a library for Android™ In-App Billing (Version 3). The main goal is to reduce work which should be done by developers who want to integrate in-app purchases in their products. The project is inspired by Volley library and is designed to be easy to use, fast and flexible. Source code...

  • Messenger ++




    Messenger++ is an open-source multiprotocol instant messaging client for Android. Source code is available on github: https://github.com/serso/android-messengerpp. If you want to participate in development, please, write an email: se.solovyev@gmail.com. If you want to help translating the...

  • 2048 +




    2048 game with big field and walls. Game settings are coming in the next version!

  • 5.8





    Notes is an easy and user-friendly way to make notes

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