Sergio Nunes Ramos

  • La 97 Siempre




    "La 97" gives you news, transmit magic and the imagination that generates the sound. His goal is to reach people through the word, to be present every day, all day, everywhere. His extensive programming keeps you informed about current issues in the country and the world always...




    FREE is a workgroup of ample trajectory that provides, from Mar del Plata towards the world, technologies of vanguard in computer services. Out company offers services of hosting, audio and video streaming, development of applications for webs, iphones and dedicated servers, web and...

  • Compacto 97.7




    Radio Compact aims to transmit all the music always responding to the requests of all its listeners. From the latest hits to the classics, Compact brings you to the item you want to hear. His extensive programming can be accompanied by the best music ever.

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