Seven Leaf

  • Chainsaw - Scary!




    Chainsaw Free By Seven Leaf! Scare your friends with a fake chainsaw! Much like a real chainsaw, your phone will shake and make loud chainsaw cutting noises! The best free app for scaring people, uses the accelerometer to detect how hard you're swinging your "chainsaw"! There...

  • Timer Simple




    A beautiful, simple timer application designed to be the best timer app on Android. Utilizes Spin Wheel very similar to the Iphone! Set the time by spinning the wheel timer In the app, you'll have the option of choosing how long you want your timer to last. Included in Simple Timer are...

  • Prank Button Fun




    Prank Button Fun Free By Seven Leaf If you love playing pranks on others or love the thrill of random, funny effects, Prank Button is for you! * App includes over 500 different random effect combinations that will add laughter to your day. * Use reverse psychology to your advantage with the Do...

  • 6.3

    Spooky Sounds




    Creepify your ambiance with this collection of eerie sound clips

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