Download Imperial Eagle Imperial Eagle icon
Imperial Eagle

The Imperial Orthodox eagle. Waving flag. Live wallpaper About the "black stripes" (shadows):

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Download Russian Sign Russian Sign icon
Russian Sign

The national flag with the emblem of the Russian Federation. About the "black stripes" (shadows):

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Download 3D Serbian Flag 3D Serbian Flag icon
3D Serbian Flag

3D Live Wallpaper. The Serbian flag flying by the wind. About the "black stripes" (shadows):

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Download Soviet Guard Soviet Guard icon
Soviet Guard

Soviet Red Army march on your screen. 3D Live Wallpaper. New Live wallpaper for your Android device. Soviet army tribute. There soviet soldiers in the uniform of the period between 1939-1943. In background the russian tank KV-1 (Klim Voroshilov). On the tank turret - comrade Stalin and Klim Voroshilov himself.

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Download Thermodroid (Free) Thermodroid (Free) icon
Thermodroid (Free)

Thermodynamic and thermophysical calculator. Allows you to calculate thermodynamic properties: - Temperature, Pressure, Volume, Vapour Fraction, Enthalpy, Entropy by Peng-Robinson (1975) EOS - Liquid density by Yen-Woods eq. - Heat of evaporation (EOS) - Cp – heat capacity isobaric (EOS) - Cv – heat capacity isochoric (EOS) - sonic speed (EOS) - ad…

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Download 3D German Imperial Flag 3D German Imperial Flag icon
3D German Imperial Flag

3d live wallpaper. The Flag with 2nd German Reich arms is flying by the wind. About the "black stripes" (shadows): 3D Prussian sign you can download here:

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Download Imperial Guard Imperial Guard icon
Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard marching on the screen. Live Wallpaper. Keywords: warhammer, killzone, wh40k

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Download anSolver anSolver icon

Scientific calculator with plotter and solver for systems of non-linear equations. Features: - Evaluation of expressions. for example: (6+7)*1.5^(2+0.4) - Variables. You can create and assign variables x=6 y=7 z=(x+y)*1.5^(x/3+0.4) - Solving equations by RKM method. To solve system of equations for n variables (first need to declare this…

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