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Development is both my profession and hobby.

I hope the mobile apps I have developed will help to solve users everyday frequently met problems.


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Country Codes Ad

Sometimes you need to call to different countries for work or leisure. This app provides a quick way to get to the different country code for dialing purposes. You use it to search and then tap the item and the default phone dialer app will be launched with the country code you have selected pre-filled in. This app also does not require any Interne…

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Battery Charged Alert Ad

For ppl who are still paranoid about over-charging their smart-phone battery (which is highly unlikely), this app allow you to trigger a ringtone alarm when say battery reach 50%-100%. This alert you when the charge is completed. For ppl who face limited power socket for charging (say in some hotel or motel room for e.g) and you have multiple devi…

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Kids Draw Ad

There are similar drawing and painting apps for young kids in the Market but my published version commands are purposely created to be as intuitive as possible so that young kids can easily understand and use them to do their drawing and painting. The application support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese display.

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Download Barcode Maker Ad Barcode Maker Ad icon
Barcode Maker Ad

This app provides the function to make and save either one barcode or many barcodes based on an input file with entries separated by newline. Tap One Barcode to create one barcode and then save it. Tap Many Barcodes to create multiple barcodes each corresponding to an entry you have in your input file. Various barcode formats are available for sele…

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Download Batch Image Resizer Ad Batch Image Resizer Ad icon
Batch Image Resizer Ad

For some people who has a need to resize images in batches of many, this app is to serve the need. To configure, set the input folder (at least one), image resize width and height, output folder (one). Tap Execute Rule to start resizing those images fulfilling the criteria or tap Save Rule to save the configuration to be re-used later. Important…

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Download My Live WallPaper Ad My Live WallPaper Ad icon
My Live WallPaper Ad

This tool help you to do your very own Android Live Wallpaper by selecting your own pictures(max. of 5) from Media Gallery to form a slide-show effect on your Android smartphone Home screen ala PC screen-saver slide-show concept. Tap and hold on Home screen -> Wallpapers -> Live wallpapers -> My Live WallPaper IMPORTANT: Your original pi…

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Bluetooth Alert Ad

For some people who use Bluetooth in your Android smart-phone to transfer files or use Bluetooth headset, there will be times for some inexplicable reasons, the local or remote Bluetooth device seems to auto disconnect. For users who are doing lengthy file transfer, you want to be immediately notified by a continued non-stopping ringing tone so you…

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Auto Lock-Unlock Ad

Back in the old days when smart-phones are not the rage yet, the phones we have usually have those keypad lock mechanism. It help to prevent accidental press of buttons on the phone when we tuck our phones into pockets or bags etc. Then when we want to use the phone again, we unlock the keypad lock. Fast forward to current smart-phones mania. Andr…

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Download Audio Config Audio Config icon
Audio Config

This app help to centralize all audio settings related like various streams volume control, mute-ness and default action to take when headset plug in or plug out in one place. Although most other apps already have something similar, the option to control some of the features are spread around where you need to hunt around for the correct settings t…

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Pie Timer Ad

This "count-up timer" app is to serve two audience. For adults, you have your familiar timer display format. For young toddlers who don't know how to read numbers yet, there is a round pie or circle that act like a timer. A pie will slowly "grow" and when the time is up, a full pie or circle is formed. Parents can "stri…

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Download Light Up Ad Light Up Ad icon
Light Up Ad

For concert-goers, usually there will be some slow songs segment where everyone will hold up their glow sticks or zippo lighters with fire or candles etc to wave in the air and sway together with the songs performed. This app provides an alternative. You use this Android app on your smart-phone and wave your smart-phone in the air like the rest of…

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Check Call Log Ad

This app provides a simple search with order criteria screen for all your Call Log that come pre-installed with Android smart-phones. It allow you to narrow down the call log to a selected date range, show total incoming,outgoing,missed minutes for that selected date range, Delete All feature to delete at "one shot" call logs for that sel…

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