• New News Ad

    New News Ad


    Are you a budding musician or budding novel writer that are keen to promote your very own song and novel? This Android app provide another avenue for you to do your promotion. You tap Submit News to enter brief description, URL where your song is hosted or webpage promoting your novel. For other...

  • Event Tracker Ad

    Event Tracker Ad




    This app provides a way for you to keep track of events. Event can be say the number of times you have cold and flu, the number of times you have migraine, the number of times you have fever etc. As long as you want to track the frequency of any event, this app serves that need. Use the main app...

  • JMX Flashcard Ad

    JMX Flashcard Ad


    This is a flash card app to teach young kids new words/things. Only twist is the flash card is constructed based on your own pictures stored in Gallery and the audio accompanying the flash card is your own voice recording. Before using the app, construct your own photos and voice recording for...

  • JMX Puzzle Ad

    JMX Puzzle Ad


    This app is a square jigsaw puzzle to occupy young kids. Only twist is the puzzle is constructed based on your own pictures stored in Gallery. To use, tap Setup New Puzzle. Give a puzzle name, tap Select Puzzle(image) to bring in your jpg,png image file from Gallery. Give a value for number of...

  • Random Quotes Ad

    Random Quotes Ad


    Are you a person who like to read inspirational and motivational quotes once in a while? Do you want to read about other people quotes and get inspired and motivated? This app serve the need. Different people will submit their own inspirational and motivational quotes and then in return they get...

  • Whose Turn Ad

    Whose Turn Ad


    Very often in our daily lives, we have daily tasks that are turn based. E.g washing of toilet is to be rotated between you and your spouse. Moping of floor take turns. Wash dishes take turns. Who to take bath first, queue up etc is to be rotated between your kids and many more tasks are turn...

  • Help Cook Ad

    Help Cook Ad


    This app will not help big restaurant chefs in their daily work. What this app will help is more for small eateries, small time cooks working in food trucks, mom-and-pop eateries etc that need to serve up a lot of dishes within a short hour or two. Most of the time, waiter/waitress will take...

  • Gift Manage Ad

    Gift Manage Ad


    Do you have a family tradition to give gifts to your relatives and friends for festive occasions like Christmas, New Year or birthdays etc? How often you set off with a budget and then as and when you buy the gift for that receiver, you record it somewhere on paper and the most important thing of...

  • Cover Open On Ad

    Cover Open On Ad




    For those who have a cover over your smart-phone for protection, every-time you want to use, you need to lift up the cover press power button and swipe to unlock in order to use. This is very troublesome. This app aim to resolve the problem by trying to use the proximity sensor. Idea is simple....

  • Housekeep Files Ad

    Housekeep Files Ad




    For some people who want to do simple housekeep of deleting un-wanted files in your sd-card mass volume based on files are how old, this app is to serve that need. To configure, set the folder (at least one), file extension (optional), file time-stamp in terms of how many days,hours,minutes old...

  • Phone Finder Ad

    Phone Finder Ad




    How many times you have mis-placed your smart-phone and you try to call the number and hear the sound coming from to retrieve it. What if the smart-phone is set to silent mode or low volume at the point you mis-place? When you call the number you can barely hear it coming from the smart-phone...

  • Lottery Ad

    Lottery Ad


    This app is for user to conduct their very own lottery draw game among their close group of friends for fun. Simple animation simulate the drawing of numbers for Pick 3,Pick 4,Multi-numbers of Classic Lotto,Powerball and Mega Millions. For different variation of Powerball,Mega Millions play, tap...

  • My Calculators Ad

    My Calculators Ad




    Depending which industry you are working, there will always be moments when you need to do some simple formula mathematics for your work. Some of them are simple but the fact you need to repeat them again and again make you want to use an app to help you out. This app set off to consolidate all...

  • Image Play Ad

    Image Play Ad




    This app does not aim to compete as a full-featured image editing tool. What this app does is to provide some basic image editing that beginning or novice users can pick up easily. Say you want to "blend" two images together to see some effects. You select a source and a target image....

  • Last Call Ad

    Last Call Ad




    Are you in insurance, property or other agent line of work? Very often when prospective customer call you on your smart-phone, you want to see the most recent call entries from that customer before you answer the call. This give you some before-hand understanding on the "eager-ness" of...

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