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Development is both my profession and hobby.

I hope the mobile apps I have developed will help to solve users everyday frequently met problems.

Download Play Infinite Play Infinite icon

Play Infinite

This app is targeted at some users who like to play a video looping fo...

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Download Point Where Ad Point Where Ad icon

Point Where Ad

This app does not aim to replace a compass. What it does is to serve a...

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Download Random Quotes Ad Random Quotes Ad icon

Random Quotes Ad

Are you a person who like to read inspirational and motivational quote...

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Download Random Sound Random Sound icon

Random Sound

For some people who like to hear "new sounds" from your Andr...

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Download Scan In Out Scan In Out icon

Scan In Out

Do you have collection of books or CDs that have barcodes? This app us...

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Download Check World Times Check World Times icon

Check World Times

When you travel to foreign land for work or tour, very often you will...

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Download Connect II Connect II icon

Connect II

This is a sequel to the earlier Connect game. Game 1 - New rule adde...

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Download Countdown Days Countdown Days icon

Countdown Days

This app provides a count "down" timer to count down the num...

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Download Cover Open On Cover Open On icon

Cover Open On

For those who have a cover over your smart-phone for protection, every...

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Download One Launch Many Ad One Launch Many Ad icon

One Launch Many Ad

For users who have a habit to launch certain default set of apps (e.g...

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Download Package Tracker Package Tracker icon

Package Tracker

For ppl who like to install free apps frequently from Android Market t...

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Download Pair Off Randomizer Pair Off Randomizer icon

Pair Off Randomizer

Ever come across a situation when you need to randomly select a person...

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