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Development is both my profession and hobby.

I hope the mobile apps I have developed will help to solve users everyday frequently met problems.

Download Call Purpose Call Purpose icon

Call Purpose

Some users are given company issued phones. The phone bills are paid f...

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Download Mileage Log Mileage Log icon

Mileage Log

Some users can claim car mileage expenses from their company due to th...

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Download Photo Contact Photo Contact icon

Photo Contact

This is a widget app. It will help your kids to call you visually. The...

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Download Help Cook Help Cook icon

Help Cook

This app will not help big restaurant chefs in their daily work. What...

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Download Seal Chop Seal Chop icon

Seal Chop

There are many reward systems parents have for kids. Instead of giving...

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Download My Calculators My Calculators icon

My Calculators

Depending which industry you are working, there will always be moments...

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Download Space Tracker Space Tracker icon

Space Tracker

For users who like to upload download transfer files frequently, findi...

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Download Light On Light On icon

Light On

For those Android smart-phones where there is no default app and optio...

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Download Play Infinite Play Infinite icon

Play Infinite

This app is targeted at some users who like to play a video looping fo...

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Download Stock Tracker Stock Tracker icon

Stock Tracker

This app is NOT meant for active intra-day trader or short term invest...

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Download Random Sound Random Sound icon

Random Sound

For some people who like to hear "new sounds" from your Andr...

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